Beauty and a BoyBand

13 year old Christa, a runaway.Never stays at a single place longer than an hour.What happens when she runs into 1 Direction.Will they take her away?


1. Chapter 1

I am Christa, if u didn't know already I am a runaway.I never stay in one place for too long. Cause I am afraid of being taken away. You know a 13 year old runaway can be put in an orpahange,or can be sent back to their parents,and trust me I don't want to go back to that hell hole. Well I have a Ipod with me,and a phone,but I took out that stupid sim card.I just use it for music and 4G.
God I have been running for what seems forever now.I should really take a rest, oh look no one is by the lake, I will go stop there then.I took out my ipod and started listening She's Not Afraid.. Then I started hearing double, I looked behind me. I opened my eyes and saw One Direction. I grabbed my bags and started running when I drop my Ipod and it falls in the water. I started crying, that was gift that my aunt gave me she said it was a going away present because she knew I was leaving.She said she would keep it a secret. I then fall to my knees, and the boys start to catch up.
"Miss, whats wrong" I hear one of them ask.
"What do you want from me?I have nothing, atleast not anymore."I said referring to my ipod.
"What are you doing here by yourself" They ask
"Im a runaway, I ran away from my parents.They don't even care any way"I spat
The boys all looked at Louis,I don't know why but they did.
"Louis, why don't you adopt her?"Liam said"She does look like you"
"Yeah okay come on Baby Girl, lets get you adopted"He said and gave me his arm to hold. And we drove to the Adoption Center.
"Hello I would like to Adopt someone"Louis said
"Yes whats the young ladies name"
"My Name is Christa Marie Hilpert-Mills-Henandez-Rodriguez"
"One last name Please"
"Fine,Christa Marie Rodriguez"
"Ah yes, Ms.Rodriguez, your parents put you up for adoption after you left."
Ouch, that stings,not....
"Okay your now known as Christa Marie Tomlinson"
"Okay, thank you"
We left, and outside I got a lecture.Great, by my new dad.
"First, you can  call me dad, daddy, or father. Two you will have a room in my mansion,yes we have maids but try to keep your room clean. Three, I decide who you date. And last but not least, your babysitter  is going to be all the boys except Niall because that's your boyfriend, plus Paul is your babysitter.Remember Daddy is only doing this to protect you"

Ugh I am starting to dislike him already..

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