Falling for him

Kirsten is on a journey to Sydney. She is then met by a tall handsome guy name Luke. They catch each other's eyes but will they fall for each other?


2. Chapter Two: Project Graduation

Months have passed since I've gotten the news. I've been fundraising my butt off for my trip and balancing school at the same time. The stress would get to my head sometimes, but looking at the bright side, graduation was only a couple days away, and then I would be off to Australia.

It was time. The time I've been waiting for my entire life.

Hearing my name getting called as I walk across the stage is definitely a big accomplishment. I am now done with high school. Everyone is right, high school does go by quickly.

After Graduation there was only one thing left on my mind. . . AUSTRALIA! I was packing ahead of time so I wouldn't need to do it later. I made sure to pack everything I needed. Especially my volleyball gear.

"Only a couple more days!" I screamed.

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