Falling for him

Kirsten is on a journey to Sydney. She is then met by a tall handsome guy name Luke. They catch each other's eyes but will they fall for each other?


3. Chapter Three: Trip To Australia

It was the morning that I finally get to leave to Australia. I was so excited. Although I was nervous because well... I have never been on a plane before. Especially a 20 or so hour trip.

As I got to SLC airport, I had to fly to LA, and get on a flight to Australia there. I then hugged both of my parents goodbye. My mom was more nervous than I was.

"Did you pack everything you need? Did you bring your camera? Don't forget to call us when you land! And certainly... Do not forget to have fun!!!!" she said.

Dad on the other hand was a chill dude. I felt like he wanted me out of his hair for awhile but, at the same time, for me to have a fun trip. He was a big support during volleyball season. He's the one who made my highlights and the reason why I have two letters of intent to play in Kansas and New York. I still haven't made up my mind but, I will very soon. Maybe this trip will help me decide.

After checking in my bags and going through security, it was time to board. As I board the plane. I see my 3 other friends who also got a letter to play DownUnder. Same school, different sports. I was hoping not to see anyone from home but, oh well. Whatever.

Walking to my assigned seat I noticed that I had a window seat. Honestly I'm not a big fan of heights, but for the sake of volleyball, I'LL DO IT!

Looking around the plane I notice everyone doing there own thing. So I thought I might as well listen to All Time Low for the rest of the flight, trying to fall asleep. Because I know for a fact that this is going to be a loooooongg flight.

*Hours later*

Waking up to the sun in my face I knew that we would be arriving in Sydney soon. My stomach had the butterflies. I mean I've always wanted to come to Australia. And well. Today is the day!

*After landing in Sydney*

I walk out the airport and see that I am no longer in the states anymore. Everything was so beautiful here. I couldn't believe my eyes.

"Excuse me? Are you with the Down Under group?" A tall lady with glasses asked.

"Yes. I am." I said, making sure to give her a smile.

"My name is Ellie. I am one of the camp counselors with Down Under Sports. May I please get your name?"


"What sport and state are you representing?"

"Volleyball. And I'm representing Utah."

"It seems to me your the only Kirsten from Utah." Ellie says, with a smile.

"Okay let's get everyone else to check in and we should be off to the hotel."

"Okay. Thanks!" I say.

Wow she was too nice. Well at least we will be going to the hotel very soon.

As we got to the hotel, I noticed how luxurious it was. I made sure not to break or touch anything as we were waiting for our roommates to be assigned. Like always, I have my earphones in, listening to Paramore. I always loved them. I've only seen them once and it was the most awesome experience in my entire life, for now.

Listening to my ipod, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I look around to see who might've done it. I was sure that it was the girl behind me looking down, but it was camp counselor Ellie. She handed me two keys. For a second I thought I'd be rooming by myself. I was stoked until she started talking.

"You'll be in room 209 and you will be rooming with Allie." Pointing to the girl who I thought had tapped my shoulder earlier.

She looked so shy and nervous. I wonder what position she played? As I walk up to her, I gave her the extra key and started introducing myself.

"Hey. I'm Kirsten!" Holding out my hand for her to shake.

"I'm Allie." She looked up and gave me a smile as she returned my handshake.

"I guess were roommates. Yeah?"

"Heh. Yeah"

Hmm. She doesn't talk much. Maybe she'll warm up to me very soon, I thought.

We got to our room. I quickly called the window bed. For some reason I always have to have the window for anything. I don't know. I have issues.

As I started unpacking, I began to talk to Allie some more. I mean, after all, we are roommates for 2 weeks.

"So where are you from?" I asked her.

"New Mexico. You?"


"That's awesome. Is it cold up there?"

"Not as cold as you'd think it would be." I chuckled.

"So what position do you play?" I asked.

"Setter! What about you?" She replied.

"Middle Hitter and Blocker. And also Outside." I said.

"That's awesome!" She replies with a smile.

She was already getting more sociable. I like it.

I looked at the time, realizing if I don't get ready, I'll be late for practice. AHHHH! I was so scared. I mean it felt like I was on vacation or a school trip. But nope, I came here for one reason... Volleyball

I got ready. Not forgetting my shoes, knee pads, and extra socks. I ran out the door thinking I was late but, as I got down to the lobby, I noticed everyone was waiting around for the counselors.

We then made our way to the gym. I fell in love as we walked in. 10 courts in one big gym. My mind was going in circles. I definitely think I'm going to spend my free days here, I thought.

My schedule was pretty self explanatory. We got up at 6AM, ate breakfast, walked to the gym, stretched and warmed up, drills, practice, lunch, more drills, practice and finally, the day was over.

It was Tuesday evening. The past two days were excruciating. I never thought varsity practice was hard until I see how Australia does it. All I'm thinking is, "I am very out of shape."

Besides being tired from practice. I realized it was a free day tomorrow. My body has never been so happy. Especially my leg muscles... But all I can think about is what I'll be doing tomorrow. We could basically do anything in this big city.

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