Falling for him

Kirsten is on a journey to Sydney. She is then met by a tall handsome guy name Luke. They catch each other's eyes but will they fall for each other?


7. Chapter Six: The Meet Up

Kirsten's POV

Was I suppose to be this nervous. I mean, it's not like they're gonna kill me and bury me in the ocean.

I just want to enjoy myself while I'm here. Who knows when I'll be back in Sydney? Yeah. I don't.

*Minutes later*

"Penguin Luke<3" is calling...


"Hey Kirsten. I'm outside. Are you ready?"

I wanted him to meet Allie. In case anything happens to me she'll know his face and name, at least.

Why am I thinking negative? So far he's a nice guy. Also cute. Tall. Good looking. And just beautiful.... Oh shut up Kirsten. You have no chance with him, I thought.

"Is it okay if you could come up. I want you to meet Allie." I smiled. Even though he couldn't see me.

"Sure. I'll be up. What room # are you in?" Luke asks.

"209" I reply.

"Alright. See you in a minute."

Luke's POV

I just got off the phone with Kirsten. She wants me to come up, but honestly, I'm scared. What if she rapes me or something.

Oh my gosh.

As I walk up to the entrance I catch a glimpse of the front desk lady.

I didn't want to be suspicious or anything so... I waved and smiled.

Walking into the elevator, I see a slight tall woman with glasses and a name tag. Who is she? Obviously she's not a hotel employee.

"Ellie" I thought, as I read her name tag. She's wearing a red shirt that reads, "Down Under Sports Counselor"

Hmm. I wonder what's going on around here.

Waiting until the elevator door closes I feel a breeze that just hit my neck, making the hairs on the back of my neck stand. I was paranoid. What if I get caught?

As I get to the second floor, the woman walks out of the elevator, making a left.

I made a right, not making it obvious that I wasn't staying here. I made sure that woman was out of sight.

I catch myself knocking on room 209. I had the weirdest fluttery feeling in me. What's going on with me?

I was then met with the most beautiful brown eyes that just hit me, like a sparkle of light.

Kirsten looked so gorgeous. She was wearing a Ramones tee, with shorts, and a red cardigan. She was stunning. Not to forget her luscious soft looking locks.

"Hi Luke." she blushed, as I looked at her from top to bottom.

"Hi Kirsten." I blushed back.

"You can come in." She said, opening the door wider so I could squeeze through.

"I want you to meet someone... This... Is Allie." She says.

"Hi. I'm Luke." I say, giving Allie a hand shake.

"Nice to meet you." Allies responds.

"Nice to meet you as well." Giving a friendly smile.

"So you don't mind if I kidnap her for a couple hours?" I ask Allie.

"No. Keep her as long as you wish." She winks, as Kirsten shoves her shoulder.

Allie is making it seem like it's a date. Well. Not exactly. I want to ask Kirsten out in a special way. I just want the time to be... You know... Special...

"Okay so let me get my bag and we could go." Kirsten says, going into the next room over.

They were staying in a suite that connects to the next room, next door. It was pretty nice.

As Kirsten comes closer, I began to feel hot. Seriously? What is going on with me lately?

Kirsten's POV

My stomach was filled with excitement as I opened the door to see a standing Luke.

Even though we just met, I couldn't wait to see him again. He's no one I've never met before, which makes him perfect.

As I invited him in, I couldn't help myself. I walked behind him trying to get through to get to Allie but, I got a little side tracked.

He changed clothes also. He looked so adorable. We are basically wearing the exact same thing, but obviously he's not wearing shorts.

Making it towards Allie, I start to introduce them to each other.

Allie's POV

I was pretty interested in meeting this guy that Kirsten has met.

Was he perfect the way that she was describing him?

Oooo. I wonder if he has any friends? Oh but I wouldn't want to get in the way of a something that could possibly end up into a relationship.

Well I guess we have to wait and see.

As we waited, we both hear the door. Kirsten looks so excited to see him again.

I've never seen her this happen since we heard that we have a free day today. Lol.

"Hi Luke." Kirsten says. You could just hear how happy she is.

"Hi Kirsten."

"You can come in."

"I want you to meet someone... This... Is Allie."

"Hi. I'm Luke."

Wow. No kidding. He's cute.

"Nice to meet you." I respond.

"Nice to meet you as well.... So you don't mind if I kidnap her for a couple hours?" Luke asks.

"No. Keep her as long as you wish." I wink, as Kirsten shoves me.

I already embarrassed her. I'm a great friend.

Kirsten's POV

It was time for Luke and I to leave. My fingers were jittery. I was wondering what we're going to do, besides me meeting his friends.

As we got to his car, Luke opened the door for me. Wow. What a gentleman.

While I got in, I noticed Luke tripped over something. I giggled. Was he nervous also?

Driving towards, I'm guessing Calum's house, we start to listen to All Time Low's "Break Your Little Heart". I couldn't help but sing as Luke joined in.

I was shocked as I heard him sing. Seriously this boy has an amazing voice.

As we pulled into a driveway. I see the garage open, and 3 boys standing there, smiling like weirdos.

The all ran up to the car, but one of the guys with colorful hair opened the door for me, and introduce himself.

"I'm Michael." He smiles, kissing my hand.

So he's the one that called me.

"Quit hogging her Michael!" says a boy with black hair. "I'm Calum." he smiles as well.

"Alright alright... My turn!" A guy with curly brown hair says. "I'm Ashton... The hot one."

"I'm Kirsten." I chuckled, replying to all three, as I felt a hand pull me through, towards the garage.

I see a drum set, two electric guitars, two acoustic, and one bass. Are they a band?

This is amazing.

"Okay guys. Let's practice shall we?" Luke says.

"Here, you could sit her Kirsten." Luke smiles, as he points to a comfy looking couch.

"Alright guys. What should we play for our new friend?" Michael asks.

"What would you like to hear?" Calum asks.

"All I Need, I've Got That Friend, or Superhero? To start off with." Ashton says.

"What about all three? In that order." I smile towards Luke, as I answer Ashton.

As they started to play, I got so nervous. Are they any good? What if they ask how they did? Oh my god!

Okay so far so good.

"When I saw your face I knew. I'd do anything to try and get to you. I don't even know your name. You got me frozen in a place and I can't move." Calum sings.

"Your lips are like dynamite. Your eyes had me alive. I refuse to hold you close. I've been wrong." Luke sings while he looks at me straight in my eyes. Piercing my soul, with those amazing blue eyes, as he bites his lip ring.

"You're all I need so I shout it out. I fall to my knees when your around. You make time stand still and you don't even try. I've got to have you in my life." Luke sings as he still stares at me like I'm the only one here.

I've misjudged them. They're amazing.

As they finish up the song. All I can think about, was the chorus. It's like Luke meant what he sang as he looked at me.

I hope I'm not over thinking things, but, I think Luke is starting to like me.

Is he?

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