Adriana Matthews And Michael Clifford Have Been Been Best Friends Since They Were Both 4 Years Old. With Fame Coming Back Home With Michael Will He Remember Adriana?

Little Did Adriana Know She Was Starting To Like Michael Before He Left With The Boys To Go On Tour, But Said Nothing To Stop From Ruining Their Friendship. Will She Like The New Michael Or Forget Him And Move On?


1. Chapter 1: Let It Go

Adriana's P.O.V.


I Don't Think I Can Face Seeing Michael, Soon He'll Be Gone And Our Friendship Will Be One Big Blur.

'Ping, Ping, Ping,' That Was The 10th Time My Phone Had Done That. I Knew It Was Michael Asking Where I Was So I Ignored It.




Michael's P.O.V.


I Paced Around The Airport Waiting Impatiently For Adriana To Show Up. In The Next Hour I Would've Gone On Tour, But How Will I Manage Without Seeing Her Face Just One Last Time.


"Dude, Chill I'm Sure She'll Be Here." Ashton Called Out.


I Called Her Again... No Answer. The Boys Were all Staring at Me: "Maybe She's In The Shower." I Called Out. But They as Well As I Knew That She Wasn't Gonna Show Up.




Adriana's P.O.V.


I Checked My Phone To See The Time But Happen To Scroll Through All The Texts And Missed Calls. One Message Caught My Eye;


Adri, Please Come And See Me Before I Go. If You Don't Come To Me I'll Come To You. I Need To See Your Face One Last Time.

Mikey xo :)


Tears Started Burning In The Back Of My Eyes. I Got Ready Quickly And Drove As Fast As I Could To The Airport.




Michael's P.O.V.


"Could Flight 492 Please Proceed To Gate 6!" Called Out The Flight Attendant.


"Michael That's Us, We Gotta Go." Calum Said Coming Towards Me. Adriana Didn't Show And Now I'm Not Gonna See Her Again.

"Look Man I'm Sorry She Didn't Show But We Really Have To Go." Said Luke Coming Towards Me With Ashton.


We Just Started Boarding The Plane When I Heard Someone Screaming My Name.

"MIKEY, MICHAEL!" I Looked Back Instantly And Saw Adriana Running Towards Me.


I Ran Off The Plane As She Ran Into My Arms.

"I Didn't Think You Were Gonna Come." I Told Her. Tears Started Running Down Her Cheek.


"Come On. No Tears. I'll Be Back Soon I Promise." I Was Telling Her No Tears And There I Was Crying A Little Bit.


"Mikey, Promise Me You Won't Forget Me. Please." Those Words Shattered Me.

"Aw Adri, How Could I Ever Forget You. Don't Be Silly." I Said Pulling Her into A Tight Hug.


"I Have To Go. No Tears Please." I Told Her As We Started Breaking Away. I Don't Know How I'm Doing This But It Hurts Letting Her Go.


"Bye Mikey..." She Called Out Just As The Plane Doors Shut. As Soon As I The Plane Started Moving, I Felt Lost And Empty Inside. But I Have To Let It Go Focus On My Career...

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