the one that got away

Bella is an ordinary 17 year old girl who has just moved to Arizona and guess who her new neighbours are? 5SOS! she doesn't really know who they are but when she gets to know them and truly falls in love with one. what one?


6. there back

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2 years later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


todays the day we go back and im nervous. am I going to see Bella. the whole tour I couldn't stop thinking about her.


todays the day they come back im nervous. what if they don't remember. I got up from bed took a shower threw on my mice of men shirt and my black shorts with my black convers. I didn't do my make up so I wouldn't look like I was trying. then the door bell rang I ran down the stairs and opened it "hey sean, come in" I said as he hugged and kissed me. " what do you wanna do?" I said "lets just watch movies and cuddle." he said giggling. we were in the middle of insidious and than the door bell rang I went to open it and there was luke and the guys. "you guys didn't forget about me." I said laughing " we couldn't with luke talking about you every day" Ashton said laughing as luke stepped on his foot. " ive missed you soo much!!!" Calum said hugging me than they all came in and almost killed me. we walked into the living room and I sat back down by sean and the guys sat on the other couch. sean put his arm around me and I layed my head on his shoulder. I seen luke look am me and I looked at him and smiled. when the movie was over sean had to go home I walked him to the door and he hugged me and kissed me "bye love you" he said "love you to bye" I said. I walked back into the livingroom and they were gone I looked around then luke tackled me and started tickling me I was laughing "GET OFF ME LUKE ROBERT HEMMINGS RIGHT NOW" I said laughing " you remembered my middle name." he said " of course I did your my best friend." I said smiling "wheres the other guys?" I said "they had to leave wanna watch another movie?" I put in another movie and we watched it till I fell asleep. I opened my eyes and Luke was carrying me to my room "thanks" I said "for what" he said "for you being the best friend in the entire world." I said he kissed my forehead and left.    

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