the one that got away

Bella is an ordinary 17 year old girl who has just moved to Arizona and guess who her new neighbours are? 5SOS! she doesn't really know who they are but when she gets to know them and truly falls in love with one. what one?


4. the news

I woke up with a text from Luke

L~ be at my house tomorrow at 12 me and the guys have news!

B~ be over in a little.

I got up took a shower, put a tank top on with my sweater over it, threw on some leggings and pulled my hair in a high pony tail. and walked downstairs ate an orange put my black vans on and walked over to Lukes. before I could knock Luke opened the door "so whats the news?" I said sitting on the couch. "were going on tour in a week!" Calum yelled. I looked at luke confused "how long will you be gone?"i said " a year..." luke said looking down. I could feel the tears in my eyes trying not to let them out. " I should go my parents grounded me and im not aloud out.."i said getting up and walking out the door when luke grabbed my arm and turned me around "are you okay" he said "yes I got to go" I said trying to keep the tears in. next thing I knew luke was kissing me I pulled away. "I-I cant." I said "why" Luke said "I-I have a b-boyfriend." after I said that I turned around and ran home. I ran to my room crying.

           *LUKES POV*

I cant believe I kissed her and she pulled away. I thought she liked me. I walked inside " is she okay?" I heard the guys say. I ignored and walked up to my room staring out the window. why did I do that? I ruined our friendship? why am I so stupid. I heared a knock at my door I ignored it. then Ashton walked into my room. "whats wrong." he said " get out!" I replied " not till you tell me whats wrong." he said " you really wanna know, I KISSED BELLA I RUINED OUR FRIENDSHIP. I KISSED HER AND SHE HAS A BYFRIEND , I didn't mean to it just sliped." I yelled "its okay luke." he said " NO ITS NOT I RUIENED MY FRIENDSHIP SHE HATES ME NOW, get out."



sorry for the short chapter im just busy  

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