the one that got away

Bella is an ordinary 17 year old girl who has just moved to Arizona and guess who her new neighbours are? 5SOS! she doesn't really know who they are but when she gets to know them and truly falls in love with one. what one?


3. the date

              *BELLAS POV*

tonight is my date with sean, I don't know what to wear!! so I watched a movie for a couple hours and fell asleep. when I woke up I had 8 texts Luke, Ashton, Michael and calum.

L~ wanna go bowling with me and he guys?

B~ I wish I could but im going out.

L~with who?

B~ sean...

L~ uh.. oh well have fun bye..

I threw my phone on my bed and got ready I had an hour till sean gets here.i put on my chemical romance shirt with black leggings and my black convers. I straightened my hair put on some cover up and mascara and was all ready. by the time I was done sean got here. *DING DONG* "someone is here for you Bella!" my father said " be down in a second." as I walk down the stairs I see sean look up and his eyes opened wide I don't know why I wasn't wearing anything special. " ill be back mom and dad" I said to my parents.

                 *SEANS POV*

as I see her walk down the steps my heart started racing I really like her and I don't want to screw things up with her.

"ready?" I said "yeah" Bella replied as we got in the car she asked where we were going "its a surprise" I said. it was about a ten minute drive and we were at the bowling ally.

                *BELLAS POV*

we pulled up to the bowling ally. omg I hope this isn't the one Luke and the guys are at! as we walk in I see Luke and the guys but they didn't see me so I looked away. as sean payed for us the man said " you have lane 23." I turn around and great right beside the guys. we walk over there and as it was my turn it was also Lukes turn and as I went to roll the ball he yelled my name making me slip. he ran overe to me and said " im so sorry bella I didn't mean to." I got up and rolled my eyes and said " its fine!" then sean ran over to me " are you okay?" he said "yeah." I replied. we left around 11 and he drove me to my house he got out and walked me to my front door " thanks sean that was fun." I said "no problem Bella goodnight." he said as we hugged. I went inside up to my room and fell asleep.

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