the one that got away

Bella is an ordinary 17 year old girl who has just moved to Arizona and guess who her new neighbours are? 5SOS! she doesn't really know who they are but when she gets to know them and truly falls in love with one. what one?


2. new school

                             *BELLAS POV*

I woke up and put on my batman shirt with my black pants and my batman convers, straightened my hair brushed my teeth. I ran down the stairs into the kitchen gave my parents a hug 'bye iv'e got to go to school love you" I grabbed my book bag and walked to my car. when I got to school I tried to find the front office and then I felt someone grab my shoulder it startled me I turned around and seen Ashton. " oh thank god I need help finding the office." I said " follow my lead" Ashton said. "here it is" "thanks" I said I walked into the office. " um im the new student Bella miller." " here's your schedule this shows your  classes locker number and combination this is Luke he will be showing you around" she said "nice to see you again Luke." I said I handed luke my schedule  "locker 505 perfect a few away from mine." we walked to my locker and we had our 1,3,4,6, and 9 classes together so we walked to our first period class. "hi im the new student bella miller." I said " hello Bella im mrs.morein you can sit by sean, sean wave your hand!" I walked over to sean and sat next to him. "hi, im Bella" I said "hello im sean" we talked for a minute before the teacher passed out our homework packet "you may work with your partner if youd like." mrs.morein said " wanna work together?" sean said "sure." we were the first to finish. we handed the teacher our homework. "you may start heading to your next class."

             *skips to lunch*(7th period)

                                      *SEANS POV*

I saw Bella walk into the lunch room I yelled her name and waved her over to sit with me. "hey." she said  "hey I want to introduce you to my friends megan and vic." I said "hey nice to meet you." Bella said  "finally get to meet the girl seans been talking about since 3rd period." meagn said as I elbowed her in the arm. I looked at Bella and she was blushing. "so hows your day been so far?" I said to Bella "pretty good other than school but im glad I met you guys you seem really cool." so it was the end of the day and I asked Bella where she lived. right across the street from me. " may I walk you home?" I said nervously "id love that!" she said blushing.

                                   *BELLAS POV*

"need a ride?" I looked over to see luke and said " um actually seans walking me home, but thanks though." the walk was quite but not awkward till sean asked "um so can I have your number? your really cool." I handed him my phone and he handed me his and I handed him mine putting my picture of a cute little kitten. "well here I am, thanks sean." I said "for what." he said " being nice to me and walking me home." " no need to thank me." he said giving me a hug!!!! " if you need anything im right across the street." he said "thanks." I said as he was walking away. *BEEP BEEP*

L~wanna go get icecream with me and the guys?

B~ sure be over in 5!

                   *LUKES POV*

when we got to the icecream we ordered and sat down ' so whats up with that guy?" I said "sean?" she said "yeah" I said "oh nothing were just friends hes actually a really nice person." Bella said as I gave her the look "what are you staring at?" I said to calum "bella." he said as "why? bella said smileing "because your beautiful" he said as I started to laugh "why are you laughing?" he said "no reason" bella said.


my phone started ringing playing my ringtone king for a day by perice the veil "sorry guys I gotta get this."

S~ hey what are you doing?

B~ at the icecream shop with some people why?

S~i was wandering if you wanted to got out later

B~ sure id love to pick me up at 8

*end call*

"who was that?" luke said "oh it was just sean." "what'd he want?" luke said "just wanted to go out" "what did you say?" Calum said "yes, whats with all the questions?" I said as I giggled " I should get going..bye" I said as they all got up and hugged me."bye, bella. they said as I got in my car.

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