the one that got away

Bella is an ordinary 17 year old girl who has just moved to Arizona and guess who her new neighbours are? 5SOS! she doesn't really know who they are but when she gets to know them and truly falls in love with one. what one?


5. leaving


its been a week since me and luke have last talked. and today is the day they leave and there coming over to my place for an cookout before they leave and I hope luke cant come because im still thinking. I wanted to tell them but when they told me I had to leave I didn't want to cry in front of them. I get up take a shower blow dry my hair straighten it than put on my white shorts and a black tank top  with my black vans. "Bella, your friends are here." my mother said "ill be down in a minute!" I yelled. I take a last look in the mirror and walk down stairs my heart was racing I didn't see luke I just seen Ashton, Calum and Michael. when I got to the bottom of the steps they all gave me a hug then the door bell rang I opened it it was sean. "come in" I said " hey guys this is sean and sean this is Ashton, Calum and Michael." "nice to meet you" sean said I smiled at him. we walk into the backyard and I see luke setting in the chair ive always sat in "um.. ill be back, stay here." I walked inside and ran into Michael " where are you going" he said " uh.. I have to go to the bathroom" I said running up the steps. why was he here I mean he is my friend but I thought he would be mad because I haven't messaged him back. I walked back down stairs " what took so long?" Michael said. I ignored him. then next thing I know he picks me up over his sholder and sits me beside luke. I quickly got up when luke grabbed my arm "why have you been ignoring me?" he said " I needed time to think" I said pulling my arm and walking over to sean " sorry it took so long." I said.


needed time to think shes had a week to think and still never messaged me back. whats there to think about anyways she has a boyfriend. I didn't know but I was staring at her then a hand waved in front of me "stop staring at her dude your gnna make your self even sadder." I was still staring at her than she looked at me and gave me a confused look and that's when she turned around. when it was allover and we were leaving to go the airport from her house she gave them all a hug and they were telling her how much they would miss her. and than she looked at me and I smiled and her smile faded away than she walked up to her room I walked up the stairs and to her door I knocked "who is it" she said "luke." he said "go away"  I yelled I walked in and she was sitting in her bathroom cutting herself I ran over to her and grabbed the knife "why are you doing this?" I said to her " what do you want luke leave my alone!" she said "how long have you been doing this" I said " a little over a year why do you even care?" she said my heart melted she thought I didn't care about her. " because your my friend and I care about you and don't want you to hurt yourself please." she looked at me and smiled. "lets get you cleaned up and go finish saying goodbye" I said as I lifted her off the ground and washing her arms off. "promise me you will never cut again." she looked at me and said "ill try..." we walked down the stairs where they were all staring at us. "im going to miss you guys so much." she said I could see she was trying not to cry in front of us. as we walked out the door she said " goodbye luke." and hugged me "goodbye Bella" I said. as we drove away I seen the tears in her eyes.   

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