Lucy's Life

5sos FanFiction………:)
©2014 Erika


1. New Day New School

I Say bye to my mum and I take a deep breath, walk through the doors and I find my first class on my schedule.  

Welcome you must be Ms.Lucy Edward, take a seat beside Luke. - My English 1 teacher Mrs.carpenter-

I'm getting my English 1 binder out when Luke is staring at me - he is cute- .  He turns his head as I turn around and Mrs.carpenter says get paper out for notes I feel a balled up paper hit my head " Hey give me paper new freak" - let me introduce you To my bully melody she's a real bitch -  No I say do I look like your slave … few seconds later guess what everyone little miss Lucy thinks She is so much better than me your a slut.  Omfg she's a bitch I felt a tear roll down my left cheek … the bell rang I was the last one out I walking down the hall when someone pushed me down and all my binders went everywhere I had enough;( then Luke from my English 1 class helps me pick my things up and helps me up " Thanks Luke" He smiles.   I walk the rest of the way to lunchroom with Luke beside me " Sit here I'll be right back " Luke said 

Lucy's POV 

He is so sweet we could be friends I mean he is the only nice person here so … 


"Hey" He sits next to Me and hands me a tray of school food " Thanks Luke " " No Problem Lucy" I want to ask him here it goes " Can we be friends because nobody else here is nice" " Sure!" He's excited I'm glad we talk about are life's like name age favorite things etc.  The bell rings I get up and I almost accidentally touch Luke's hand I blush " so what class do you have next Lucy?  Oh, I have Science Mrs.Parker,  Me to awesome" so we walk together to science class when I sit beside Luke and Mrs. Parker Calls the Class role " Hi Ms.Edwards" - My Science teacher Mrs.Parker- "hello" I say back.  I reach for my Science binder and Luke passes a note to me " Save it for when you get home,  Okay Luke".  " Since there is 15 minutes left of class today Take notes and Copy the water cycle" everyone started to take notes so did I I then noticed Luke was Starting to stare at me at didn't mind so I continued working he is smiling!  


Luke's Pov


She is so sweet and so cute to me I'm starting to get feelings for her and I will just wait until we have know each other long enough to ask her out.


Finally the bell rings the 3:00 bell end of school " Bye Luke,  Bye Lucy " we say to each other he rides the bus I get picked up by my mom in the pick up zone. 


"Hey love how was school Lucy it was bad and good the bad a girl decided that I am her target to pick on and the good I made a friend today his name is Luke he is so sweet the only person that was" " Well that's good you made a friend Lucy" I smiled .  We were in silence the rest of the way " I'll call you when supper is ready love " "Okay" I walk up to my room open up the note Luke gave me and it has his phone number on it so I take my iphone out and put Luke in a new contact now I have a friend phone number I text him and he replys " Hey Lucy can I start calling you Luc for a nickname"  I text back "sure I don't mind" I hear my mom yelling my name suppers ready I text Luke back " Hey I gtg eat dinner and then homework so I'll be busy " he replys " Okay I unterstand, see ya tomorrow Luc" "bye Luke" I text back I plug my phone to the charger and go eat dinner 


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