Tanv's Cover Store!

Every perfect writer needs a perfect story, and every perfect story needs a perfect cover. It's a chain. Since all of you are lovely writers, why not have the cover of your dreams. I'll make any cover you want, and the only limitation is your imagination. You tell, I make, and in the end, you'll have the cover that tops your amazing story!


1. How to Apply

My covers are made for anyone and everyone, but first come, first served. The steps on how to apply for a cover are as followed:

Step One: Like and Favorite this story.

Step Two: Comment on this movella

-the title of your story

-do you want your name on the cover

-what exactly do you want on the cover (people, objects, etc)

-color scheme

-background, if any

-and anything else you wish to include

If you want to send me pictures to put on the cover and such, ways to contact me are in my bio, or mumble me!

Each cover will be a new chapter in this store/book/whatever you want to call it.

Yes, you can ask for as many covers as you want :)

*Note: Each cover comes with a watermark. Do not attempt to take the watermark off, as that is not right.*

Samples are included in next chapter.


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