Thinking out loud

Ashton is falling in love. With who bet you couldn't guess? Luke is in love with Melanie. Michael has been dating Ash for 3 years. Cal has chose to stay single with a friend with benefits,Stella


45. Time lapse

The band has gotten down their new covers and new songs for the concert. Luke has been working out a lot, he didn't want anyone to know but Ashton was paired to be his workout buddy. Luke has been boxing out his anger and keeping his beard stubble. Calum and Stella have been doing great. Calum bought a ring and plans to propose at the end of the concert on stage. Ashley and Justin had a one night stand and she still thinks she doesn't need Michael. Michael thinks he's in love with Melanie and continues to have sex with her regularly, Luke and Ash still has no clue. Melanie slept with Luke after coming home drunk from a party with Syd. Ash visited Bea and invited her back to the house. Bea now rooms with Syd and Stella. Ashton kissed Bea and thinks it's time to be with her again. Stella hates Ash and tried getting Syd to kick her out. Syd has been staying at Andrew's house to get away from all the drama and she finds some drama of her own. It's now the week before the concert. (:

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