Thinking out loud

Ashton is falling in love. With who bet you couldn't guess? Luke is in love with Melanie. Michael has been dating Ash for 3 years. Cal has chose to stay single with a friend with benefits,Stella


18. Sydney's pov

*Hey, I just got out the shower. Bring a sexy outfit ;) I think we might go out and enjoy ourselves.* I looked down and my phone was vibrating on the dresser. I opened it and my jaw dropped, I texted him back and we continued to flirt on and on until it was time for me to drive to the airport. I got in the car, turned on my pandora radio and held my moms hand over the hump. I've left to go see Mikey a few times but never this long, I'm going to miss my mom and it's not like I can just drive home. My mom and I talked about the airplane ride and she gave some great advice, text Ashton, look out the window and remember that being far from home is part of growing up. We pulled in to the parking lot of the airport and I started to tear up, it was time I said goodbye to my mom. I gave her a huge, warm hug and she helped get my bags out the trunk. Pulling the last bag out she kissed my forehead and told me to go have fun.

   "I love you Sydney! Do not spend your whole flight thinking of me! Have some fun and live a little." I was really crying now and didn't know what to do. I pulled out my phone checked my purse made sure I had everything and walked in. It was huge, people every where, tears, screams, laughs all around me. I put my stuff on a chair and sat down. *Ashton I don't know how you do this I'm so scared right now!* I texted Ashton super fast not even looking because I was so nervous. As soon as I sent it he texted me back he was being so supportive and it made me feel a lot better. 

   "Flight 167 to Sydney leaves in 10 minutes." I grabbed my stuff gave the man my ticket and got on the plane as fast as possible. I sat next to the window completely alone, usually when on a plane you sit with multiple people but I sat in the only one seat on the plane and stood my ground. I put my bags up in the holder and put my seat belt on I texted Ashton, my mom and Mikey before we started to lift. I watched a movie and just pretended I was on another road trip with my family. 

    "There is a storm coming ahead if you need to contact anyone, tell them now our flight will delayed by at least an hour. Thank you and everyone please stay calm." the attendant acted as if it wasn't a big deal, with all the wind there was it must have been. I texted Ashton and told him and tried to take a nap, I had to been asleep for like 10 minutes when I got a text from my mom. * I see there is a storm heading fast in your way, if I've learned anything it's stay calm and act like nothing bad could happen.* Now I knew if my mom texted me about it than it was a big storm. I texted my mom back and put my headphones back in. I started to get lost in my feelings for Ashton and how much fun we were going to have.  I'm not sure when I fell asleep but I did and when I woke up there was flashing lights in the plane and the sky was really dark. I put my head back down and tried to stay calm next thing I knew we were decreasing from the air and decreasing fast. We hit a bridge and that's all I remember. *Sydney baby are you okay?*

*I'm worried are you alright.* * Were you in the plane that just crashed* *Please tell me you are okay* 

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