Thinking out loud

Ashton is falling in love. With who bet you couldn't guess? Luke is in love with Melanie. Michael has been dating Ash for 3 years. Cal has chose to stay single with a friend with benefits,Stella


46. Stella's pov

I spent the entire day with Melanie, working on our music and shopping for our outfits. I think Melanie knows something I don't because she is making us wear strapless dresses. Mine is a black cupcake dress with silver sparkles up the top and hers is a silver cupcake with black sparkles. We are both wearing black converse with a silver glittery star and our microphone matches the dresses. We probably spent $2000 today but when you live the way we do, that doesn't matter. We have rich parents and we live with a worldwide band. I love spending time with Melanie cause we always laugh the whole time. We got our nails and eyebrows done. I was looking at earrings when Melanie's phone rang and she went running. I could tell she was whispering about something. I went up behind her in the purse aisle and snooped. 
"I love you too baby, but I don't think we should be sneaking around the week of our concert, this would be the worst time for someone to catch us." I could only hear her parts of the conversation and then she screamed.
"Michael! This is so stupid, we can't tell Stella because she will tell Calum and Calum is to close to Luke. I don't wanna hurt him.. Yep.. Yes I do love you and want to be with you but it's not the time to spring this on them...Okay baby I'll pick some up when we get ear plugs." She hung up and I started walking away.
"Did you find anything yet?" She said as if she never had that conversation.
"Yeah.. I was looking for you, they are over here." I picked up a random pretty par of earrings and luckily she loved them. We left the store and stopped at a pharmacy type store to get some cheap earbuds, of course she had me look for those while she bought her stupid condoms. I can't believe she thought she could hide this forever. The whole ride home I didn't talk and I walked inside and straight to Calum's room. Melanie texted me and of course it started a fight.
Melanie- why are you ignoring me all of a sudden 
Melanie- I know you can't be mad about the fact you have to wear a dress
Me- I don't wanna talk to you
Melanie- can we please talk about this
Me- I guess meet me in the studio at 6:30 
Melanie- .. Whatever 
It was 6 I talked with Calum a little bit and then made my way to the studio grabbing some grapes on the way. 
"So why are we so distant now?" 
"Are we alone?" I kept everything short with her.
"Yes now what's wrong?" 
"You are having sleepy time with my older brother!" 
"You don't even have a brother." 
"You have been having sex with Mikey! You know he's like my older brother." Her face got red and she started to tear up. I already started to feel bad for yelling at her.
"Listen I was drunk one night and it happened, then since Michael and Ashley were on break we continued to sneak around. She broke up with him and we started to secretly date. I'm so sorry I wanted to tell you.." I cut her off before she could finish her excuse.
"But you thought I'd tell Calum yes I know. I heard. Please tell me you are at least having safe sex?" I said pulling her in for a hug. She laughed then continued to tell me her story.
"Yeah. I've used condoms every time except the first night and the other night I slept with Luke when I was drunk. I told Michael and I'm pretty sure Luke had a condom on." 
I felt so bad for her, she had it so rough we hugged and then Michael and Calum came in. I had just started saying something when Melanie put her hand over my mouth. 
"I just told her something important and if you bug her about it, Calum I'm spilling your secret!" Melanie blurted out as she moved her hand off my mouth. I was so confused everyone has secrets an I had nothing. 
"By any chance do I know what this important thing is?" Michael said. Melanie and I locked eyes and both said no. I gave Michael the "we will talk later face" and he walked up on stage with Calum. I slapped the back of Michael's head because well he's stupid.
"She knows doesn't she?" Michael asked.
"Um uh uh uh ummmmm." I was in such an awkward situation. 
"Stella shut up!" Melanie says looking at me. Melanie smiled at Michael and he pulled her arm into my room.

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