Thinking out loud

Ashton is falling in love. With who bet you couldn't guess? Luke is in love with Melanie. Michael has been dating Ash for 3 years. Cal has chose to stay single with a friend with benefits,Stella


49. Michael's pov

I drove Melanie to the doctor and she was right on time. We walked in an they ran a whole bunch of tests.
"I have a concert tomorrow, so can you just make me stop throwing up and get me out of here." Melanie hated the doctors and she was bitchy when she is sick.
"We have some news for you.. Is this your husband?" The doctor looked at me and I tried to hold in a laugh but it didn't work.
"I'm her boyfriend, why do I matter?" I laughed being oblivious to what was going on. 
"You guys will be having a baby in the next 8 months, you are 1 month pregnant." My jaw dropped and I held her hand.
"OMG this is so great. Mikey we will have a little mini me!" Melanie seemed so much more okay with this than I thought. 
"Is there anything you can get me to stop throwing up for at least 48 hours please?" She said with a huge smile on her face. 
"I can give you a few nausea pills but you can only take one every 8 hours." Handing me the bottle of pills I was still shocked.
"The bottle say 2 every 4 hours." I spoke up. 
"Your having twins, you need less dosage." The doctor seemed so chill and my heart was beating so fast! I will have to break this to the guys. Luke will think they are his and I can't tell him any different. I'm so lost in my thoughts I texted Ashton.
Me- she's fine we will all talk when everyone is home.
Ashton- good okay, you had me worried. I payed the doctor and left, the entire car ride home Melanie was excited but scared about Luke. We planned to tell the band she was pregnant without saying the dad and of course that hurt me because they're mine and I love her and them so much. We waited about an hour till all of us were in one room. All but one, we were missing Syd.
Me- Syd are you coming?
Syd- I'm in L.A with Andrew just text me the news.
Me- thanks for saying goodbye.. 
Syd- oh bye!
I told them that Syd was gone and then proceeded to tell Melanie's newest problem. 
"I stand before you today to tell you a great piece of news!" I stood up looking down on Melanie. 
"Michael and Melanie have been having sex!" I looked at her and everyone went silent. "Shit I did it again! That wasn't the news was it!" I shook my head in disgust. 
"Well.. Melanie's pregnant was the news, with twins." I jumped off the stage and went into the kitchen I started to feel sick myself. I just ruined the entire band and no one would know who's kid it was but Stella ruined that as well. Luke ran out of the studio, grabbed his keys of the counter and ran out. Calum went running behind him. Stella slowly came into the kitchen with Melanie. Melanie ignoring the fact Stella just ruined her life, they come up to me. Melanie kisses me as Stella apologizes. I've never kissed with my eyes open but this time I didn't want anything to do with anyone so I tried pulling away looking at her. I grabbed a banana and walked into my room. Melanie followed me.
"I know your upset with Stella, but you can't be upset with me. You definitely can't leave me now. We wanted this and now we can have it and I see in your face your going to bail on me." I felt so bad, I wouldn't bail on Melanie if my life depended on it but was I ready to be a dad? I don't even know how to do the laundry let alone do mine, Melanie's and two kids. 
"Listen, I won't bail. It's just a lot to take on right now. I don't know if I'm ready for a family and now my choice is gone. I love you and that will never change. But you have to let me settle all this in, please?" I kissed her forehead and kissed her belly twice, one for each. 
"Okay well we need to pack our stuff for the concert, so I'll get the suit cases." Melanie walked off before I could say no. 

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