Thinking out loud

Ashton is falling in love. With who bet you couldn't guess? Luke is in love with Melanie. Michael has been dating Ash for 3 years. Cal has chose to stay single with a friend with benefits,Stella


34. Michael's pov

It's been a few days since all the guys went out on our pizza date and Ash has been ignoring me lately. When we go to bed she faces the other way and sleeps with her headphones in, instead of the morning kiss I get a morning pat on the shoulder. We have Luke and Ashton switching girlfriends and now my girlfriend is moving on. She hasn't ignored me like this since the day I dressed up as a clown and scared her. The only way to know if she was mad at me or if she was mad at herself was to try and have sex with her. I made the first move and she swerved me and went downstairs and ate cereal.

  "Do you know what's up with Ash? She has been a little weird lately." I asked Melanie cause they are pretty close.

  "To be fully honest with you, all I know is she talked to that girl from the library and she got all awkward and quiet. Why don't you talk to the library girl and ask her what they talked about?" Melanie was so smart, I could ask the girl instead of causing a fight with Ash. I couldn't remember her name, but I still had her number in my phone. I called her and asked her a million questions to find out she told Ash I cheated. I yelled and screamed at her, but for some odd reason she still wanted to meet up and "hang out" I knew she wanted to hook up. When I first met her she was such a quiet, kind soul now she is a cold hearted freak. No one messes with me and my baby.

   "Babe I now know why you're upset but I promise none of it is the slightest bit true. I love you and only you." I told her how it was but she looked at me smiled and walked away. I can't believe someone successfully hurt our bond, its been almost 4 years and someone decides to mess it up.

   "Listen I know you didn't do it, but she is right we have been together a long time but neither of us remember what it's like to be single. I want to keep our date and stay together, but take a break like what it was like before we were dating and I was just living with you because we were friends and my parents kicked me out." I think I just heard my own heart break. We weren't breaking up, but my bed would be lonely and I can't touch her. I went up to lay in bed and she continued to lay on the couch. When Ash first moved in I called her Ashley and she slept on the couch with the softest blanket from my bed. Every night I'd bring her the blanket and sit on the arm of the couch and play with her hair till she fell asleep. I would tuck her in and feed the pillow under her head and turn the light out. I remember being an empty soul staring at a beautiful girl. So I took the blanket downstairs and did exactly like old days except today  I stared at her with hope that I'll be doing this till the day we are 82.

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