Thinking out loud

Ashton is falling in love. With who bet you couldn't guess? Luke is in love with Melanie. Michael has been dating Ash for 3 years. Cal has chose to stay single with a friend with benefits,Stella


20. Michael's pov

I saw Ashton's car pull in through the window. I didn't want to go out and ruin anything but my sister was just in a crashing plane so I ran. 

   "Michael do not ruin there mome.." Ash started to say but I didn't care I ran outside and started banging on the windows. I really hope she isn't in shock cause if she is I just killed my sister. She flicked me off and grabbed Ashton kissing him. I now know she is just fine, I hit the window one last time and went to Ashton's side to pop the trunk. As soon as I opened the door Ashton  flopped out of the car like a fish out of water.

   "Michael! You couldn't have waited two damn minutes for me to finish kissing my girlfriend before you decided to open the door. I swear you take no one but your self in to consideration." After he finished scolding at he popped the trunk and I grabbed all her bags.

  "Can you just set them in my room. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING!" I'm so done with Ashton and his stupid dad traits. He is  the oldest and definitely the grumpiest one in the band some times I wonder why we ever called him to be our drummer, we must have been in a serious pinch. I walk upstairs grumbling through the house carrying her stuff, I dropped it all on his bed and walked out as fast as possible. Luke was in his room playing the guitar which meant something made him either upset,mad,scared or he's going to write a song for once. 
  "Hey Luke, are you okay man?" I peaked my head into the door.

  "Um, I guess you could say I'm fine. Melanie and I got in a little fight and she said that she would be back but she has been gone for a long time now. Ashton's the only one who can ever find her and understand why she's upset but he is stuck up Sydney's ass already. And lately Ashton's been ignoring Melanie and I." He looked really upset and I could only think of three place she'd be. 

   "Well, Ashton has shown me a few places around town they used to go as kids. Want to see if we can find her?" Luke put down his guitar, grabbed my arm and ran down the stairs. He took Ashton's keys off the counter, grabbed his wallet and we got in the car. We jammed out to some Green Day and made our way through the city. Finally we pulled up to this random field I've never seen in my life and he got out. 

   "Our fist kiss was here behind that tree, let' run back there and see if she's there." Luke started to run and I just looked out into the distance. The tree was so far and I know neither of us can run that far in skinny jeans. I watched him run like a little school girl as I walked slowly behind him. 

  "MELANIE, I KNOW YOUR HERE! I LOVE YOU AND I'M SORRY YOU DIDN'T LIKE WHAT I SAID EARLIER BUT I NEED YOU TO COME OUT FOR ME!" I've never seen Luke scream and cry at the same time but soon enough a little head peaked out from the tree and screamed back.

   "LUCAS, I'LL COME WITH YOU BUT JUST TO LET YOU KNOW.. YOU CAN SLEEP ON THE COUCH TONIGHT. I LOVE YOU TO." Melanie has told Luke to sleep out on the couch so many times its not even funny anymore. She came running for him and tackled him straight on his back. I didn't really to see what they did next so I turned around and started to walk back to the car. My phone was very awkwardly vibrating in my pocket so I checked to see it was Ashton. I let him leave message cause I didn't want to find out what I did wrong this time. Laughs traveled fast behind me and I turned around fast enough to see Luke and Melanie running for the car. I got in the backseat and waited like a little kid..with colorful hair. By the time we got home I just went straight to my room, Ash was all dolled up sitting in my bed. 

   "Babe, are you willing to have some fun?" Ash said winking at me. Ash and I haven't done anything for so long I don't know if I even remember what to do. I turned the light off turned on the music and laid down beside her. I slid off my jeans and pulled off my shirt getting on top of her. I put her hand above her head and started kissing down her body. Her skin was soft and I left the most gently kisses all down her body until I got to her naval.

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