Thinking out loud

Ashton is falling in love. With who bet you couldn't guess? Luke is in love with Melanie. Michael has been dating Ash for 3 years. Cal has chose to stay single with a friend with benefits,Stella


13. Michael's pov

I went out in to the kitchen and waited to get food since everyone was in the kitchen at once. I looked over at Ash and she still seemed upset about the library, don't get me wrong I love Ash but this girl was beautiful. I grabbed some food for us both and went back to the studio to sit with her, she still hasn't really talked to me but I'm used to the silent treatment. 

   "Did you invite her because she was pretty or because you honestly felt like she needed friends?" Ash asked out of the silent air around us.

   "She was beautiful but I'm dating a model that I love and she needs friends. She wouldn't even talk to me until she noticed I was dating you. I invited her because she needed a friend and she reminded me of the old you. A sweet girl who didn't know she meant something to this world and look you became a model and now we have been dating for 3 years." I proved to Ash that nothing was going to change between us and that I still loved her, I leaned in for a kiss and she pushed me away. This is the first time and it feels like forever she pushed me away because she was actually upset. I think she is upset because I found a girl that reminds me of her and your only suppose to meet the girl of your dreams once. I grabbed my plate and went in to the kitchen to see what Cal was up to, like always he was talking to Stella. 

   "Goodbye love you too. Hey Michael, what are you up too." Cal sat beside me and I tried explaining to him what all has happened, I'm the one that has always been happy and now my happiness is upset with me. I put my head down and I felt a tap on my back. I lifted my head hoping to see my beautiful Ashley but no, it was Ashton I was laying on his car keys. At 8pm I was wondering where he was going, but he's had a rough night and I'm sure he wouldn't do anything dumb. Cal and I went to the living room and started to play some video games, I feel like they help me feel better. Ashton came in about 20 minutes later with tubs of ice cream for us all, he handed me vanilla ice cream and a spoon and I paused my game. Grabbing my game controller Cal decided he would tell me something extra important.

   "I may or may not have asked Stella out today.." he whispered in my ear. I turned off my game, sat down my ice cream and got up and danced with him. It was more of a happy for you dance, but you know how those always turn out. I can't believe for once Calum had a girlfriend and Ashton did not, sooner or later the full band will be taken and there will be mini 5sos's running around. Wow that's a scary thought, no babies in this house ever! I finished eatting some ice cream and put it back in the freezer. Even though its early I feel like its time I take myself to bed, I walked to my room to find Ashton laying on my bed.

   "What are you doing here?" I was actually really confused on why Ashton was in my bed.

  "Well, your bed is comfortable and there is a wild Ash in mine." We both started to laugh but I suddenly noticed it wasn't funny at all. Why is my girlfriend in another guys bed, I questioned myself while walking to his room.

  "Ash your in the wrong bed." I kept it simple because I really just wanted to leave her there and break up with her. She is acting ridiculous, literally its not like I'm leaving her for a random girl at the library. 

 "Ashton doesn't think other girls are hot and since were talking about who else we think are cute I guess I'm allowed to say Ashton is a good looking guy. You invited a girl to our pizza night and I invited my self to sleep with Ashton." She was seriously going insane. I took her hand pulled her out of the bed and walked her back to my room. For the first time ever she turned over and didn't even look at me in the bed. After Ashton went back to his room I rolled on top of her and begged her for a kiss. 

  "I know your mad, but I love you know one else. I made love to you, I proved my love to you, I have been with you three successful years and you choose to be mad now." I gently moved her head to be looking at me.

 "Listen, I have something extremely important to tell you, but I want to wait till I know for sure. I'm not mad anymore I'm just upset that you had the nerve to tell me another girl was beautiful. I'll admit I did take it a little to far." She kissed me and I took my shirt off, got off of her and we talked until we both could fall asleep. I couldn't sleep knowing she had something to tell me but once I saw her smile in her sleep its like my heart knew it was my turn to fall asleep with a smile.

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