Thinking out loud

Ashton is falling in love. With who bet you couldn't guess? Luke is in love with Melanie. Michael has been dating Ash for 3 years. Cal has chose to stay single with a friend with benefits,Stella


4. Michael's pov

At practice I am always the one messing around and it doesn't help that Calum and Luke laugh cause Ashton just throws a huge fit. Today Cal was late then when Ashton came back downstairs Luke and I were in our turtle costumes. We were laughing so hard and it was funny to the girls but never to Ashton he never thought anything was funny when we were are practice unless Bea is over. Its been a while since anyone has seen her so who knows if she is even still alive. Everyone in the band has a certain attitude or label I guess you could say. I'm the cocky one, Cal is the sweet heart, Luke is the bad boy and Ashton he is well he's Ashton. He is sweet,cocky,bad and overall he sums out to just being Ashton. He never was a guy who liked relationships, he also doesn't like when people are touchy...unless its Melanie she can get as touchy as she wants but he says its just they have known each other so long. Ashton kind of just saves us all the time he is like I guess the dad of the band. He is also the oldest so he is constantly picking on Cal and Luke. 

   "Hey are you guys gonna practice or is it Ashton works and everyone else laughs making googly eyes at there girl friend day?" I guess I spoke to soon. He is always in charge except when Luke decides he is in charge which he kind of is but today its all Ashton. I grabbed my guitar and started playing some cords warming up when I heard Ashton's phone ringing.
   "I'm sorry but I have to take this call. Guys if you practice I might let us cut practice today and yes that means pizza night!" Ashton always loosens up on pizza night, its like pizza gives him his kindness back. I played a few more cords, tuned up with Cal and Luke then we sang to songs without Ashton and after he had been gone a half an hour we all put our stuff away and started to look for him. Like always I found him, when he talks on the phone he always stands in the closet. He is such a weirdo, I guess being in the closet makes him feel safe.

   "Hey Ashton, were gonna go get a pizza and maybe stop by the music store, are you coming?"

   "Yeah! Two seconds." Ashton ran out of the closet with a huge smile, both dimples, teeth and everything. He grabbed his keys and we all piled into our cars. Ash and I, Cal and Stella, Luke and Melanie and Ashton drove by himself but drove a different way telling us he'd meet us there. When we got to the Pizza Shack he showed up with Bea, It had been forever since any of us have seen her. She sorta just dropped off the side of the earth, I wonder if he was doing stuff with her on the side. All those times he said he had to go to the music store but never came home with anything. I think I know his secret! 


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