Thinking out loud

Ashton is falling in love. With who bet you couldn't guess? Luke is in love with Melanie. Michael has been dating Ash for 3 years. Cal has chose to stay single with a friend with benefits,Stella


10. Melanie's pov

So I got out of bed and went down stairs, Luke was in the studio working on the song him and Cal had made. I looked in the kitchen grabbed a piece of bacon off the counter, poured some orange juice and picked up a notebook I saw. It looked like Luke had wrote it, but it also looked like Ashton and Michael wrote it. I took it in to the studio and started reading the lyrics to Luke.

   "Wait babe, did you just write a song?" Luke said very confused kissing my cheek. 

  "It wasn't me, I found it on the counter so Ashton and Michael must have wrote it, but for who?" Luke and I tried to figure it out by reading the lyrics but it all summed out to being Ashton's song obviously about Bea. I was so proud of him, he was finally moving on from all the other things he had planned to do in his life. I felt like he never has really liked anyone, he has always planned out his life and never talks about a girl..unless its Bea. I don't know why he hasn't just asked her out already, she is obviously madly in love with him. She constantly touches him and kisses him and tries to hold his hand. Ashton walked in the studio as soon as I could finish my thoughts about him and Bea, he was always really good at sneaking up on me. 

  "Have either of you seen Michael in the last hour or so, I kind of really need him." Ashton looked up and grabbed the notebook out of my hands. " Hey! How did you find this, I'm going to kill Michael, I said not to show ANY ONE!!!" Ashton walked off before anyone could answer any of his questions. I walked over to Luke pulled his guitar off and tried getting him to kiss me, for the first time he actually wouldn't just give in. 

  "Do you think that song was about you?" Luke says with his worried blue eyes. I laughed at him because Ashton and I are nothing but friends and never will. I grabbed his shirt pulled him down on the couch next to me and tried to get him to just be normal.

  "He has been really weird with you lately, Bea stopped coming around and he started paying more attention to us, do you think he is in to you?" I saw Luke starting to get worked up.

   "Ashton and I are nothing and never will be anything. I love you and if he isn't okay with that, I guess that really sucks. I think he is just a little stressed, a lot is going on for him right now. Now stop worrying and love me." I started to see Luke smile, he pulled me in for a kiss. I laid back on the couch and just let him take total advantage of my body. It has been a long time since he has openly done anything with me, yesterday we showered and he's kissed me a few times in public but for once we weren't in closed doors. It didn't go any farther than a long make out because we were in the open, but he ended up picking me up wedding style and taking me upstairs. I haven't done anything to serious with Luke yet and I guess 11 in the morning was the best time to do it for him. He laid me down in his bed and slowly started stripping me, I of course got up and took his shirt and ripped jeans off. We laid down and as soon as things started to get romantic I heard Ashton screaming at Michael. I pushed Luke off of me, put my robe on and ran out in to Ashton's room. 

   "I gave you one thing to do and your trying to tell me a fan at the library distracted you and you exposed my song to dingle berry and his girl friend! I want to kill you right now." Ashton was literally screaming I was going to say something but didn't want to make anything worse. I went back to Luke's room and saw him putting his robe and slippers on.

   "Babe, what are you doing?" I said looking at Luke as if he was about to commit a crime.

   "I was going to save my girl friend from getting beat to a pulp by two boy looking men." he started to laugh then bit his lip and shut the door behind me. Pushing me up against the door he took my robe off, I pulled the string of his as he finally let me loose. I went running from him and he caught me, tackled me to the ground and started to tickle me. 

   "Have you ever done this before?" Luke asked a super serious question, I didn't know how to answer. I've never done the dirty with a guy but being tickled has happened a lot. I brought myself to say no to him and he winked at me. "I will take it easy on you, just tell me when to stop." he slowly got on top of me. He started to slowly grind on me, I've seen him grind but never felt him actually grind on me. I bit my lip trying not to moan and Luke started to kiss me, it was actually really hard for me to kiss and take the pain all at one time. It hurt really bad but felt good because it was from him. He loved me, I loved him and it felt good to know for once that's all that mattered. About 20 minutes later he pulled out and we both just started to laugh while kissing. He got up off of me and started to laugh.

   "It's going to hurt to walk and get up at first but I promise later it will be well worth it." Luke said helping me up off the floor. He was definitely right it hurt so bad I teared up a little but I hurt him pretty bad to. He turned around and I saw that I had clawed his entire back. Trying to walk was like trying to walk after you get off a cruise I had sea legs, they felt like jelly and moving was nearly impossible. Jokingly I asked Luke if he was ready for round 2 and for once he actually said no. I grabbed my clothes and had him put them on for me, putting on skinny jeans when you can barely stand as is, is extremely hard. He picked me up and carried me back downstairs.

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