Thinking out loud

Ashton is falling in love. With who bet you couldn't guess? Luke is in love with Melanie. Michael has been dating Ash for 3 years. Cal has chose to stay single with a friend with benefits,Stella


44. Luke's pov

While everyone had there fun I laid in my bed with Ashton watching my favorite movie. Ashton and I haven't had bonding time ever since we switched girlfriends. This whole situation has come to crap, Syd is seeing another guy, Ashton and Melanie are just best friends and I have a new girl Maddox. There is only two couples still together and that's Michael and Ash and Calum and Stella; But! Michael and Ash are on a break. My favorite part came on and I died of laughter, Ashton looking at me with such disgust. My phone started ringing and Ashton grabbed it. 
"Hello?" Ashton was clueless
"Put me on speaker!" It was Ash I could tell. He put it on speaker and Ashton continued to do the talking.
"I'm not coming home, either is Syd so don't be waiting for us." 
"What about Michael?" 
"We're over, he found a new girl." I hung up and immediately texted Michael. 
Me- you have to be kidding me!
Mikey- what! I'm at the condo.. ALONE I SWEAR..
Mikey- okay fine Melanie is here
Mikey- don't be mad
Mikey- were just watching the ninja turtles
Me- stfu you broke up with ash!
Me- and why would you break up then hangout with Melanie. 
Mikey- wait what? I didn't break up with her? She flipped on me and left me so I resulted to movies with Mel.
Me- oh well are you coming home?
Mikey- Melanie is already asleep on the couch so probably not. We have practice at 2 tomorrow so I will be back.
Me- well okay..
The minute I found out Michael was with Melanie, I realized I wasn't over her. It was never going to be over. I paused the movie got up and walked to the bathroom. I stared into the mirror humming amnesia running my hands through my hair. I finally saw what she saw in me, just a pretty boy that had no responsibility for himself or anything else. I was still a little boy, it was time to grow up and be a man. If I want the girl of my dreams I have to be the man she wants. I opened the cupboard grabbing the scissors. I have never made such a sad depressing decision in my life. I wetted down my hair and started cutting it off. My quiff was gone and I washed my face feeling the lonely stubble. Usually I would shave it off but I kept it, she hated that I shaved my stubble. I don't need a beard just a little stubble. I took a shower looking at my body, I was to skinny, to frail. I got out and ran to my closet, throwing out my stupid shirts and loose jeans. 
"Um are you okay? You never pause this movie." Ashton looked at me with a worried smile.
"I'm going to the store, it's time to grow up." I put on basketball shorts and some tennis shoes. I ran to the store and grabbed a few new clothes and then ran to the local grocery store. I picked up some fruits and healthy foods, and a doughnut. I love doughnuts. I walked the bags home and bogged down to the gym around the corner. I put $200 into a gym membership and $250 into boxing classes. I start my first lesson at 5 tomorrow, I have lifting at 4 tomorrow and practice at 2. My day was packed but I was excited. I went upstairs as if I had done nothing but made a run to the store. 
"I was thinking we should work on the song a little bit, we should go see if Stella and Calum want to as well." 
"Sounds good to me, but what are you wearing?"
"Oh well I am just.. I went on a jog and yep." I ran downstairs asking Calum and Stella to join us. We all got out our instruments and as we tuned up Stella stared at me.
"Are you okay?" Stella looked just as worried as Ashton.
"Just time to grow up. I cut my hair and went on a jog, I'm tired of being skinny and frail." I put my head down and continued to tune. She did some runs and sang long notes, when we started my voice cracked and everyone laughed. Every time someone laughs I think about Melanie squirting orange juice out of her nose and I tear up a little. We had great memories and I ruined them. I tried singing the words but I kept forgetting them and then all of a sudden I dropped the mic. I pulled out my phone and started looking at pictures of her.
"I have an idea! Let's sing a song by Front Porch Step." 
"That's brilliant we should, but the whole band isn't here. We can work on some of it tonight and then spring it on them tomorrow?" Ashton said shaking his head at Calum.
"I think we should sing Drown and the girls can just sing the higher octave." I really wish that Melanie was here, to hold her one last time.
"You know what. We will print out the cords, highlight your parts and words and you should go take a shower and maybe, I don't know cheer up. We will have it ready for tomorrow." Calum said something really mean in a nice easy way. I put my guitar and went upstairs, crawling in my bed with the lights off and door locked.

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