Thinking out loud

Ashton is falling in love. With who bet you couldn't guess? Luke is in love with Melanie. Michael has been dating Ash for 3 years. Cal has chose to stay single with a friend with benefits,Stella


16. Luke's pov

So my birthday has gone from super good to me spending the night in a hospital waiting for one of my best friends to wake up. Finally he woke up around 6:27pm and couldn't figure out why he was there. He ended up getting 5 stitches and  crutches for a week until the pain is released in this leg. It's like 8 now and were finally taking him home, now I'd like to say we can blame this on Ashton but he should have just shut up. Once we got Calum home and ate a quick meal, I went up to my room with Melanie. As we went upstairs she grabbed my hands I turned some soft music on and turned the lights down low. I took my shirt off and kissed her softly, I whispered all of my thank you's in her ear. She tightened her grip on me and I just held her tight, I slowly moved us to the bed letting us fall together. I grabbed the sides of shirt and tried to pull in off, I could feel her refusing and I knew it wasn't normal. I got off of her and just stared into her eyes.

   "I didn't wanna tell you, but I think..I might just might be pregnant. I'm so sorry Luke.." I cut her off before she could finish kissing her soft lips. I couldn't take the kiss seriously because she had tears running down her face and I was laughing.

  "Listen, I wouldn't do that to you,me,us. I used protection just like I will till the day you tell me not to." After that no words were said she kissed me and I let her. I finally pulled her shirt off and she tugged at my belt, I grabbed her butt as she unbuttoned my jeans. She got up walked over to my dresser grabbed a condom and hair tie, she pulled her hair back and pinned her bangs back. She brought the condom over with her teeth, I slowly took off my jeans and she did the rest. Last time we went this far I'd be the first to tell you that it wasn't at all romantic, it was on my floor, it was slow, it was the first time and all together kind of awkward. Tomorrow Sydney is coming and I'm giving my room to Sydney and Melanie so Ashton doesn't get pressured to sleep with her. I grab Melanie tight and just start kissing her, neither of us thought to close the door and we were to in the moment to even try and get up. Melanie rolled on top of me and took the lead, last time it was up to me to do all the work and its like this time she wants to take over. I think its hot, but I wasn't sure if she was ready to do all the work. 
    "Babe, are you sure your ready to go this far and do all the work." I said just letting her look in my eyes, It's like every time I look in her eyes I get lost.

    "If I wasn't ready I wouldn't be up here, have I ever dissapointed know what don't answer that." she leaned down kissing me, I felt her start to grind her hips and I instantly got majorly turned on. I mean I've never had a girl take control and do it perfect on the first time. I started to grip on her back and she started to move against me harder and faster. I have the most perfect girlfriend, she never doubts, she is nice and does everything I ask, she respects me and is there for all my bad and good times. On top of that not even going to deny my girl knows how to make a guy hard with just a look. She continued to kiss me until I rolled her over and took control, it wasn't that I didn't like it. I just couldn't handle anymore, I heard her moan and it was like something told me I needed to be in control. I took it up a level from last time, it was fast and definitely had more pressure in it. Melanie was a girl to moan about the little tings but I've never heard her moan,laugh and scream at one time and to know I was the man to make her do that was awesome. If she couldn't walk last time she might need a wheel chair after were done, we never really got tired and when one of us did the other got on top. I've gotten blow jobs and hand jobs and I've returned the favor but for the first time ever I did something I promised myself I'd never do.  She is my girl and forever will be it won't ever happen with any girl, I pulled out slid down her stomach and did everything I didn't know how to. I was her first time on something she should be mine, she ran her fingers through my hair and I saw her bite her lip. I must have been doing something right some how, I don't know what I did or how I did it. When I was done I kissed back up her stomach, looked in her eyes and we both got lost. I couldn't kiss her because my mouth was just where her mouth shouldn't be.

   "I love you, you blonde haired freak." she looked at me and I laid beside her whispering I loved her back, she continued to rub her fingers through my hair until she fell asleep and I got up to brush my teeth and shower off a little. When I came back to bed she had her pajamas on and was snuggled up in a ball. I could say turning one year older never felt any better.

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