Thinking out loud

Ashton is falling in love. With who bet you couldn't guess? Luke is in love with Melanie. Michael has been dating Ash for 3 years. Cal has chose to stay single with a friend with benefits,Stella


11. Luke's pov

I can't believe I just went that far with the girl of my dreams, it was like I had to kiss her so I wasn't staring at her with a smile. I looked down to realize I'm still carrying her around the house. After it happened its like everything was a dream and it never happened.

   "Hey don't you think Melanie knows how to walk. Why don't you put her down?"  Ashton was in a bad mood so he walked through the house grumbling about everything. I didn't want to tell him she actually couldn't walk so I just let her answer.

   "Actually we were playing truth or dare with Calum and now he has to carry me every where we go for the next hour. Right Cal. She gave Calum the stare since he was walking by at the moment.

   "Oh yeah, its only been 10 minutes keep up the good work Luke." Cal says trying to continue the lie.

   "You guys are all dumb, have any of you seen Bea." Ashton says walking away from us. I thanked Cal and tried to explain why I was carrying her without saying what actually happened. Cal got the hint and just sorta walked away. Melanie readjusted her self and stole a kiss from me. I ran back up the stairs dropped her in my bed, went back downstairs grabbed 2 teas and a couple snacks. We laid in bed watching movies,kissing,snacking,kissing,drinking and all together more kissing. I think out of the 5 movies we have watched we've seen about 3 hours of them all together. I rolled on top of her, kissing her neck and whispering stupid little things in her ear. I don't know exactly when it happened but that's when I noticed Michael was in the door way staring at us. 

   "Hey, I know this is a bad time but would you guys come to the studio with me. You have to be quiet but its really important I tell someone cause I can't tell Ashton, he is mad enough." Michael started talking to us, Melanie instantly pushed me off an got out of bed to go with Michael. I got up with her and traveled down stairs as quiet as I could I was extremely nervous for what Michael was about to get us in to. I guess I was nervous for the right reason, we walked half way in the studio and we could here moaning from the room behind our studio. The room was originally being built for a music and instrument storage area but I guess its now a bedroom. Ashton was in his room and Stella was at home so it had to be Cal and Bea, I just can't believe Cal would do something behind Stella's back. Melanie, Michael and I walked out of the studio and into the kitchen.

   "Should I call and tell Stella or wait until he comes out and tells one of us." Michael was having a serious indecisive moment. I grabbed Melanie's hand and told him to just forget it. A couple minutes later Bea walked out of the studio as if she wasn't in pain and it was nothing new. We all focused on staring at her, Cal walked out about five minutes later. I felt Melanie grab on to my hand tighter so we walked up to Ashton's room. 

    "Hey you might want to go get your girl." Melanie said poking Ashton on the shoulder.

    "I heard it all, I don't want anything to do with her right now, that's why she stopped coming over and I always went to her house instead. She promised nothing would happen if I let her come back here. She claimed she missed all of us and just wanted to come visit for a few days." Ashton started to tear up and had the most monotone voice I've ever heard come from him.

   "Well I'm gonna leave Melanie here with you, I know how you guys make each other feel better." I kissed Melanie on the cheek and walked out. I went downstairs grabbed my keys, grabbed Bea by the sleeve and told her to come get food with me. She agreed to come so we put our shoes on and got in the car, little did she know we weren't getting food. I drove to her house and pulled in the drive way. 

   "Cal is talking to someone, you have a chance with the best man in the band and you just lost it. Please get out of my car, stay away from my house. Stay away from my friends and lose their numbers unless Ashton contacts you and remember Michael, Melanie, Ash, Calum, Ashton, Stella and I are a team. You mess with one of us you get us all, now goodbye!" She got out of the car and I drove off, never have I ever had to actually kick a girl out of the house. When I got home, everyone stood at the door applauding me. Melanie jumped in my arms and for once I felt like I did something good and responsible for the house.

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