Thinking out loud

Ashton is falling in love. With who bet you couldn't guess? Luke is in love with Melanie. Michael has been dating Ash for 3 years. Cal has chose to stay single with a friend with benefits,Stella


5. Luke's pov

Stella is here,Ash is here,Melanie is here and now Bea. This is what I call a great pizza night. Pepperoni and I are best friends, I could eat pepperoni pizza everyday for the rest of my life. 

   "Omg guys!!! P-I-Z-Z-A is 5 letters. sos sounds like sauce, we are kind of a band called Pizza Sauce." I said so proud of myself and amused with what I just figured out. All the boys just shook their heads at me and I was just so proud of my self. 

   "Awe baby your so cute." Melanie finally gave me the kiss I have been waiting for, but I feel like this one meant more than what I was asking for. She didn't just kiss me she did it because she loves me. I couldn't let that feeling go, I held her tight to me and reminded her of how our first kiss was and how much I love her. A night can fly by but the night Melanie and I kissed for the first time went by slow for us, when you love someone it's hard and painful but memories like these make it worth the pain. (2 hours later) I got home from the Pizza Shack and the music store. I got some guitar picks and Melanie and I were the first ones home. Michael took Ash to the mall, Ashton took Bea to a movie and Calum took Stella home by curfew. Soon Stella's getting her own house and will be allowed to come over when she decides. I unlocked the door and ran into the studio, put my picks away and then ran into the washroom. Turned the shower on and grabbed Melanie by the waist, I jumped in the shower and she followed me in. 

   "Listen I love you but no one invited you in here." I say joking around before she could say anything I put her up against the shower wall. I didn't kiss her, I didn't hurt her, I didn't do anything just waited for her to say something.

   "Babe, If your going to hold me here at least show me some affection it is getting wet in here." We started to laugh, but then she broke from my grip and pushed me to the wall. She grabbed the shampoo and rubbed it all through my hair. I love how she thought putting shampoo would stop this fight. I push her up against the wall and pour shampoo in her hair.

  "I beat you at your own game!" we started to laugh and scrub each others hair when we both dropped our hands from our hair and filled the time with a hard core make out. Pushing each other around and pinning each other to the walls and gripping hard on to each other. I smiled and she just got rougher and rougher with me. I've never seen Melanie this sexual with me.

  "Say my name!" I said as she screamed my name louder and louder. She screamed my name as loud as she could making me wanna grab on to her an never let her go.




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