Thinking out loud

Ashton is falling in love. With who bet you couldn't guess? Luke is in love with Melanie. Michael has been dating Ash for 3 years. Cal has chose to stay single with a friend with benefits,Stella


37. Calum's pov

I woke up this morning and walked down to Stella's room. I cuddled up around her and became a big spoon, she loved when I did silly things like that. I fell asleep in her hair and walk up about an hour later to her moving around, she sat up and kissed my forehead.   "Where are you going babe?" I said with my morning voice.    "I was going to the bathroom and getting ready for the day because I'm supposed to take Syd to get her nails done. My dad wants to see me and my dads girlfriend has a nail salon." She walked to the doorway and blew me a kiss. I feel like ever since all this stuff has happened everyone is breaking up. Ash is still asleep on the couch. Melanie is wrapped up in Ashton's bed. Michael is alone in his bed and Luke has been in his room locked for a long time. Sometimes I like to sleep with Luke because he's warm and is there for you when you need a hug but he locked his room last night. I fell back asleep in her bed all alone because Syd never came home and no one is up to practice with me. I slept almost the whole day away. I woke up to Luke screaming at me to play Fifa, we have been playing it a lot lately and he always thinks he will win. We all know that Luke will never win Fifa against me, because I'm a beast.    "Fine I'm up but I have to brush my teeth and shower." I got up and stormed upstairs to get everything done and ran downstairs to play Fifa. We were playing Fifa when Luke decided that he was Jesus and could do anything he wanted to. On the game he kicked me in the shin grabbed the ball and threw it in the goal. We all know that's against the rules but since it's a stupid game and I didn't block him, he got the point.    "Luke you can't just decide to chest and think you will win." I told Luke hoping he would stop cheating    "Well Melanie and I were fighting and cheated and won the fight. Now she's not stuck with me. Cheater's always win the game!" He yelled at me and dropped his controller to the ground. He gets upset easy lately and he's been breaking things and making rude comments. The other night he threw a glass at the wall and shattered it every where and then explained how it was art that looked like his heart. Luke and Melanie don't even make eye contact with each other anymore. I seriously think Stella and I are the only couple left that's fine. I mean I don't get laid like I used to but we are fine. Stella never tries to do anything or even acts like she wants to anymore. I actually had to jack off in the shower for the first time in like 5 months, I'm so glad no one knows that. I'm the only person who can date a girl and not get anything I swear. 

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