Thinking out loud

Ashton is falling in love. With who bet you couldn't guess? Luke is in love with Melanie. Michael has been dating Ash for 3 years. Cal has chose to stay single with a friend with benefits,Stella


15. Calum's pov

It's Luke's birthday and I can't believe how all out Melanie went on his birthday. She got him a new song writing journal that says their names on the cover,picks,guitar straps and a new amp. I wish Stella did that for me and on top of all that she woke him up with it all wrapped in the living room and his favorite breakfast already cooked. We all woke up to her screaming happy birthday through the house. She wore his favorite outfit and as soon as he opened his stuff and ate his breakfast, they left. The house is really quite without Luke and Melanie here an Ash and Michael cleaning for Sydney. Like always Ashton was trying to clean and I was following him making a mess looking for something, it just happens this time it was my phone. Ashton put his head up with earphones in, lifting his head smiling think he was done and saw me. I smile at him hoping he wouldn't be mad I made a mess of the room he had just cleaned.

    "Don't be mad. I'm just looking for my phone, I promise I will help you fix it." Ashton walks over to me, gets really close and grabs my face.

   "I asked you this morning if I could borrow your phone for music, now you will clean this room and the bathroom on your own. No help, No breaks, No phone, No music! Just do it." Ashton let go of my face and walks away, I could tell he was furious but he is not my mom.

   "Listen ass hole! Your not my mom first off second off I'm tired of you freaking out. Sydney is pretty much family she isn't going to care that there is a pen on the floor. I'm tired of you thinking you can just push me around, grabbing my face yelling at me. You have been a dick ever since I banged your girl better than you could, then she was taken away from you.The only time you clean like this is when a girl is coming, are you hoping you will get something from one of Sydney's friends?" I was furious words just started to pour out of me. Ashton turned around grabbed my shirt and pushed me down.

   "Listen fuck boy, you got my girl because she was a thirsty whore. I'm the oldest and you will not speak to me that way! If you wanna fight we can fight but you will not treat me like a kid. Do not ever speak of Sydney that way again, definitely when she is here. She texts me all the time about how much she likes me. Now get off the floor, clean up this room and stop acting like a kid." I swear he thinks he is the dad of the band he is only a few years older. I got off the floor and grabbed on to his hood of the jacket he was wearing.He grabbed my hand and this where the fight began, we continued to say rude things to each other an a few punches were thrown. Michael walked in and saw us fighting.

   "What are you guys doing, we have company tomorrow, you can't perform with bruises all over your body and there is no reason for you two, to suddenly hate each other." Michael split us up and I looked down at the ground. Ashton threw my phone at me and walked out, I could tell he was going to hold this fight against me for a long time. Why couldn't I just keep my mouth shut, I don't know but this would be an ideal time to do it. I went to follow Ashton and Michael stopped me.

   "Let him go, you know how he is. A girl is coming to the house and no matter if she is 10 or 81 he feels the need to impress her. Let him rest and let the anger go, an then apologize but when you apologize remember to be at least arm distance away."He patted my back and walked out, I picked my phone up off the ground and called Stella. It's only the morning and it's already a bad day. As I talked to Stella I cleaned the bathroom and finished the studio like he asked me. When I finished I laid down and realized the stinging I had in my leg wasn't just a bruise it was a really bad cut.

   "ASHTON! MICHAEL! ASH! HELLLLPPPPPP!" I screamed for everyone, the first one to come surprisingly was Ashton. They all came in and saw my leg, everyone knows I hate blood. I cant smell it, see it, touch it, nothing. 

   "OMG Cal I'm so sorry, this fight got taken way to far. Michael help him in my car I'll be out in a second to drive you to the hospital." Ashton was being so loving but the blood made me pass out. Next thing I knew I was in a hospital with everyone surrounding me, Ashton sitting beside me playing the drums, Luke singing and Michael playing some cords. Stella sat in a chair beside me holding my hand and Melanie at the end of my bed harmonizing with Luke. I guess the day didn't go as planned.

   "What happened..?"

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