Thinking out loud

Ashton is falling in love. With who bet you couldn't guess? Luke is in love with Melanie. Michael has been dating Ash for 3 years. Cal has chose to stay single with a friend with benefits,Stella


12. Calum's pov

I am so happy that Bea is gone, every time she comes around I feel the need to get back with her. Stella did all this to me and now I took it all out with Bea and even though I was pleased, I ruined my best friend.

   "Listen Ashton, I refused to tell anyone in the house because I didn't believe it my self. Stella made me go to the cafe last night so I could find out she had a boyfriend all this time. Today you were mad at Michael and Bea said that no one would ever know. She sweet talked me and messed with my mind, she touched me and stripped me and I let my dick make a decision that my head couldn't say no to. I still love Stella, I will tell Stella but all I ask is that you don't stay mad at me. I don't love her, you do. For Bea to treat you like your nothing other than when she is in your pants shows that she's a lifeless whore and for me to let my dick make a decision shows I am a brainless asshole but I love you Ashton and nothing will change that. Bros before Hoes.." I said after taking a long deep breath I didn't wait for a reply, I didn't even expect one. I grabbed him and gave him a deep hug. 

   "Well if we are convincing stuff, I met a girl at the library today. She drove me crazy, she was genially beautiful and she needed help. I helped her and it kinda felt like meeting Ash for the first time, she was awkward but I liked it and I invited her to pizza night tomorrow, she wouldn't talk to me but finally she came up to me. She knew Ash, she knew me, she knew us and she was a major fan. I never got a name but she will be there tomorrow because she wants to meet Ash and the band out of a meet and greet." Michael confessed and I saw Ash's heart drop. 

   "I guess I'm next, I totally winged it today I played it off as if I knew what I was doing. It wasn't only your first time but it was mine. Melanie Renee Clayton I lost my virginity to you, on the floor of my bedroom like a dork but more importantly you lost yours to me on my floor while I looked and felt like a dork and you still love me. You will forever my heart I love you." Luke has always been ashamed to admit he was the only band member that was still a virgin, he made us all promise to never tell her. They kissed and now it was left to Ashton to confess to something.

   "I feel bad to say that I don't have a confession to say right now but I'm not mad at you Cal, never was, I know how Bea works and I have fell for all the same things. I guess I could confess that I was never in love Bea and that I've talked to Michael's sister for the past week and she will be here next week to visit. No, I'm not talking as in dating Sydney, but we have been talking about having a visit since we all used to be good friends." Ashton's confessions weren't as deep as the rest but it meant something to me. He wasn't mad, and it was an honest first I did something and he was mad about it. We all started to get hungry and of course everything in the house was back to normal. Ash and Michael went back to the studio, Ashton went back in his room, Luke and Melanie still making out against the door and I call Stella while making the food. I told Stella about Bea and for once she wasn't upset, she was happy for me. It felt good that we both told each other everything we had to say and before we got off the phone I asked her a serious question. 

    "Foods ready!" I screamed for everyone to hear me.

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