Thinking out loud

Ashton is falling in love. With who bet you couldn't guess? Luke is in love with Melanie. Michael has been dating Ash for 3 years. Cal has chose to stay single with a friend with benefits,Stella


6. Calum's pov

I took Stella home and now I'm on my way home thinking about what has happened in the last hour. I need a song, a song to her, a song when I sing it she knows its meant for her. I can't write a song on my own I don't know what I was thinking. I got out of the car ran up the front porch steps and went to open the door looking for Luke, I knew he would be the best one to help me write a guilty love song. Michael is to lovey when it comes to love songs and Ashton gets all upset and the song becomes depressing, but where do I look first. Its Luke he could be on the ceiling for all I know. I open the door and before I could say Luke I heard a scream.

   "Omg Luke babe, stop its not funny anymore...." I ran looking for Melanie expecting to see Luke lashing out all over again but as soon as I got in the studio I could here the shower running. I cant believe I ran in to Melanie and Luke wrestling in a shower. I can't write this song on my own but I brain stormed a few minutes and wrote down some cords I liked and a drum part I liked. The first couple of words I thought of were just Katy Perry songs, no mater how much I love Katy I can't steal a song! 

   "Back in high school we used to take it slow. Red lipstick and high heel stilettos, had a job downtown working the servo. Had me waiting in line couldn't even let go, cause I never wanna be that guy who doesn't even get a taste." the lyrics just spilled out of me like I was telling a story. I tried putting some cords to it but it just wasn't working, I wrote the lyrics down and next thing I knew Luke grabbed the paper.

   "Awe is Cal writing a love note to Stella." I looked up at him took it from him and gave him the evil eye. I didn't wanna tell him I needed his help now that he made fun of me. But it was help I really needed, I looked around but didn't see Melanie. 

   "Go get your girl friend, maybe she can help me. This song isn't going to write its self." I say rolling my eyes. Luke grabbed his guitar and started playing the cords I wrote, I tried singing along  but it wasn't working. Luke grabbed the note pad changed the notes a little, added some words and a few more drum parts. Melanie walked in and she was in her pajamas, grabbing Ashton's drum sticks she tried playing the drum part.

   "Babe, I've never seen such a sexy Ashton, but you can head to bed if you'd like I'm going to help Cal and then I will be up maybe we can watch Anchor Man." Luke said grabbing her hand to help her up. They kissed and she walked up stairs and I heard Michael open the door. I can't believe they are already home, usually they take forever cause they make out in the car before they ever make it in to somewhere. Michael walked in and slowly after him followed Ash, Luke still picking and fixing the cords I chose for him to play. I grabbed the notebook and wrote down a few more words. Luke started to sing and everything he said I tried to write down.

   "You're just a little bit out of my limit, It's been two years now haven't even seen the best of me and in my mind now. I've been over this a thousand times, but its almost over let's start over." Luke finished singing and played this awesome guitar riff so I joined in and wrote the rest down. Now if Ashton and Michael were here to help us finish this song. I wrote down some lyrics of my own until Michael came in  and started playing some cords to match Luke's and I. Luke sang his part over again and suddenly we had a song..just with the lack of drums. We started playing the riff again and Michael sang Luke's part so we all joined in with him. Luke took over like always finishing the end of the song with his normal words and a riff of his own, but different this time. Michael got on the box and tried playing some beats he thought Ashton would play. We all laughed because we all know of all people Michael knows nothing about the drums.


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