Thinking out loud

Ashton is falling in love. With who bet you couldn't guess? Luke is in love with Melanie. Michael has been dating Ash for 3 years. Cal has chose to stay single with a friend with benefits,Stella


3. Calum's pov

I grabbed my wallet and phone and tip toed down the stairs hoping no one would hear me. 

  "Hey Cal where are you going, you seem a lit bit over dressed for the market." Michael says with his cocky everyday attitude.

  "I'm just going to see a movie. You know before band practice." I hoped Michael couldn't tell I was nervous and totally made that up on the spot. Before he could say anything I ran out the door and got in the car. I turned up the radio cause why not listen to Katy Perry and just relax. I've been seeing  this girl for 2 years now. We refuse to date but we love each other and I still get butterflies to go see her. Her name is Stella, we usually go do something then she hangs out with Ash and Melanie while we practice. I just got to her house and realized I still don't have balls to talk to her dad. Rehearsing what I am going to say to her dad I walk up her front porch. I couldn't bring my self to knock on the door so I just kicked it with my foot.

   "Hello sir, I wanna thank you for letting me continue to see your lovely daughter. My name is Calum Hood.  It's nice to finally meet you." I said hoping to impress him when he opened the door.

   "I've heard many nice things about you Mr.Hood. Nice to meet you as well, Stella will be down in a minute. Why don't you come in and wait?" Stella's dad was nothing to be afraid of, he was just another sweet man. I walked in and let him show me around, He then sent me upstairs where I found Stella in her beauty room. She was finishing her make up so I crawled behind her stood up covering her eyes.

  "Guess who?" I say in the best deep voice I had. She turned around and gave me the biggest hug ever. I smiled down at her and kissed her forehead. She got on her tip toes and tried to kiss me but I held her back. 

   "I promise you will get it later but I can't kiss you here. Your dad loves me to much, we don't want to ruin that." I say whispering in her ear. I slowly move my lips around her neck and I felt her grab the back of my shirt and bite on to my shoulder so I knew I had hit the spot. I continued to kiss her until she turned to finish her make up. As soon as she finished we went downstairs grabbed her coat and made our way back to my house. I had band practice in a hour which gave us a little time to mess around. We walked in and went straight to my bedroom. She laid in my bed while I locked the door. I got in bed with her and she automatically pulled me on top of her. I started making out with her and she started to pull of my shirt off. She kept repeating how much she loved me and next thing I knew we were both down to just our under garments. I started to kiss her neck as I  slipped my hands on her back and undid her bra. She finished taking it off as I reached my hand down to her butt. I felt her hands move from my back to my boxers and we both just smiled at each other. 

  "Are you sure you are ready?" I say looking into her brown eyes but obviously she was more ready than me because I felt her slowly rubbing up and down my sides taking off my boxers. I moved down and took the rest of her underwear off with my teeth. 

   "Calum, I want you so bad, Calum." she started to moan. I kissed from her navel up to her lips and I could say that for the first time I was  putting my all in our relationship..or friendship. She moaned telling me to go faster and I wanted to but could hurt her. We had made it to our max and laid beside each other with a huge smile. 

  "I'll admit it was more painful than I thought it would be, but it was pain I wanna feel everyday for you, with you and only you." Stella says grabbing her under wear off my floor. We continued to kiss while getting dressed and we were almost ready when Ashton knocked on my door.

   "Dude? You are 20 minutes late to band practice. LETS GO!" Ashton always yells when I'm late because he is the only one that takes our practice seriously. I opened the door and walked down stair and went to practice leaving Stella with the girls. 


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