Thinking out loud

Ashton is falling in love. With who bet you couldn't guess? Luke is in love with Melanie. Michael has been dating Ash for 3 years. Cal has chose to stay single with a friend with benefits,Stella


52. Ashton's pov

My best friend is pregnant with my band member, my other band member is her ex and tried to commit suicide. Why does my band do these things to me, I have to do all this scheduling and taking care of everyone cause I'm the oldest. Michael and Melanie have been fighting about everything and Luke refuses to take his pills anymore.    "Take your stupid ass pills right now Luke! I'm not going to let you push back the concert again." I screamed at him pushing the pill in his mouth. Michael walked in and stood in the door waiting for me to be done force feeding Luke a pill.   "I am an addict. You can't give an addict more of their addiction." Luke screamed spitting the pill out hitting me smack dab in the forehead.    "Listen, your not an addict your barely even an adult. You need to talk acting your age and rehearsing the songs cause the concert is next Monday and were not pushing it back again." Michael walked closer to Luke as he lectured him like a kid. Finally I got Luke to take the pill and I went to Michael's room with him so he could tell me his latest drama. He was all dressed up and talked very quite and fast as if he was crunched for time. He explained the abortion situation while fixing his hair in a mirror. Before I could say anything or help him, Melanie yelled his name and he went yelling as if his mom had caught him doing something wrong. I sat on Michael's bed trying to catch my chill from everything that has happened lately. Knowing I shouldn't I pulled my phone out my pocket and dialed a number I knew by heart. The first time I called I was ignored but the second time a sweet voice answered.    "Hi, how are you?"I said voice kinda scared. "Is it to late? I can hang up and forget I ever called." I was so nervous to be let down.   "No it's fine, um just let me call you back in 20 minutes." I heard the phone click and the conversation was over. I went to Luke's room made sure all his pills we put up and turned his light out. I cleaned up Michael's room, and did some other things around the house. I wanted time to pass faster then it did. About 15 minutes later headlights were shining in through the kitchen window and my phone started ringing. Calum and stella had been out for a while so I picked up the phone and went upstairs.    "Hey"    "Can you at least open the door" I turned around and ran to the front door. I opened it to see my beautiful girl and a box of pizza. She put the pizza down and wrapped her arms around me. "I was afraid you would never call." I dropped the phone wiped a tear from my face and hugged her back. It was dark and cold so I pulled her in and took the pizza to my room. We laid in my bed with the pizza between us catching up on things like the latest drama and jokes. I explained how my house was full of fuck ups and how now I'm turning in to one. Pushing the empty box on the floor moved closer   "Just don't hurt me again, I can't be hurt again." She pulled me in and started kissing my neck. I didn't intend on any of this to happen, I just wanted to talk to her. Hear her beautiful voice one last time. She was born in America so sometimes her beautiful all American accent came out. I wanted to pull away and stop it before anything happened but I couldn't, I loved the feeling of her. The good part is no matter what we traveled we never stayed in one place. If I needed to go somewhere we would fuck the entire way there. We didn't stop for anyone, speaking of not stopping.  Calum just walked in, "hey we just got home can I borrow your.. Umm okay never mind, I'll just take it. " She rolled on top of me tugging on my shirt with her teeth. I ripped hers off and started to unzip my pants. By the time Calum found what he was looking for we were completely naked banging to the beat of Mrs. All American.  She was so good at everything, but she was a whore and that's why it was hard to pull away. I didn't need her, I didn't even want her. I just missed all the things her body gave me, she was so much fun to play with. 
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