Thinking out loud

Ashton is falling in love. With who bet you couldn't guess? Luke is in love with Melanie. Michael has been dating Ash for 3 years. Cal has chose to stay single with a friend with benefits,Stella


48. Ashton's pov

I've spent the entire night rubbing my fingers across Melanie's stomach listening to her cry in her sleep. Her stomach has never hurt this bad and I know that because she is crying her sleep! I turn to look at the clock and notice it is 3:04am and I have to be up and at the gym with Luke in about 2 hours. I close my eyes an drift off into a light sleep. My alarm clock went off and made Melanie jump. When I got up she rolled over into fetus position. I was in the bathroom slightly doing my hair when Melanie came in throwing up. I grabbed her hair and put a twisty in it, I didn't want her beautiful hair in the toilet. I rubbed her back and started her a warm bath. When she got in I left and stopped to get Luke and I some breakfast smoothies. When I pulled into the gym Luke was already there. He is never early to anything, I guess he is serious about this whole workout thing. I felt bad leaving Melanie in the tub alone so I texted Stella knowing she might not get it. 
Me- Melanie was violently sick so I made her a bath and had to get to the gym, can you check on her when you wake up?
Stella- I just woke up to pack the concert bags. I'll check her now. 
I knew Stella would take good care of Melanie. They were practically sisters now. My work out was terrible because all I could think of was how sick Melanie was and how we have a concert tomorrow. 
"Do you think Melanie is okay? I feel bad bringing her up, but she's worrying me." I said handing Luke the next weight.
"Yeah she's just a little nervous, have Stella take her to the doctors." Luke knew Melanie just as much as I did but when you date someone you get to know something's a best friend wouldn't even know. 
Me- can you maybe take her to the doctors?
Stella- yeah she's not looking so hot, im gonna see if Mikey can take her around 12.
Me- sounds great Luke and I should be home around 12:30 keep us updated. We have some things to get for tomorrow. 
Even though I knew she was in good arms I was worried about her, she was my best friend and I want the best for her. I called Melanie's doctor and made her an appointment for 11:45. 
Me- I called the doctor, can you take Melanie to the doctors at 11:45, Stella said you were taking her.
Michael- yeah I'll make sure she is there don't worry. 
Me- text me as soon as you know what's going on. 
I waited hour by hour for the text from Michael but it never came.

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