Thinking out loud

Ashton is falling in love. With who bet you couldn't guess? Luke is in love with Melanie. Michael has been dating Ash for 3 years. Cal has chose to stay single with a friend with benefits,Stella


28. Ashton's pov

I followed her to her room because I was not done and I've waited so long to get this off my chest. 

  "Get out. I get it, you love me and I'm a bitch for treating you the way I always have but I don't want to talk right now.

  "I will say what I have to say and you wont have to see me ever again deal? Now I rescued you from every little problem that you have ever been in. I told your mom I drank the alcohol on your 15th birthday party. I told your little sister I let the dog run away. I took your grandma to the hospital so you didn't have to leave your first day at the candy shop downtown. I found you when you ran away from Luke for goddamn sake. I made the dinner you guys ate on Valentine's day. I convinced the band manager to give you a front and center permanent pass to our concerts. I helped Luke pay for the necklace he gave you. I held your hair back when you got your first hangover. I did all this and all I am to you is a good friend and someone you can complain to.." 

  "Listen I get it.." She tried to cut me off, but that wasn't happening it was my turn to show her how it felt.

  "I don't care what you think you get. You don't deserve anything you have, but yet I'd give you my life in a heart beat." I was so done with her, the way she looked at me with such disgust. She stood and got in my face, with out a doubt in the world I raised my hand and slapped her across the face. A tear slid down her face and then I noticed.. I'm a maniac. 

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