Thinking out loud

Ashton is falling in love. With who bet you couldn't guess? Luke is in love with Melanie. Michael has been dating Ash for 3 years. Cal has chose to stay single with a friend with benefits,Stella


17. Ashton's pov

So today is the day is the day Sydney is coming and I'm actually finally really excited. She is kind of like a stalker of mine but we have been talking a lot lately and I think maybe I will give her a chance. I constantly stress about will I ever find the perfect girl like Luke or Michael but if I don't try I'll never know. I woke up really earlier to start cleaning somethings up so none of the boys could mess it up. I grabbed my phone,headphones, a water bottle and put some drum sticks in my back pocket. I swept my room and picked all my stuff up even under my bed, put my sheets in the washer and moved on to the living room. Michael must have been up late, because when I went downstairs a ice cream carton, a spoon and the xbox controller was on the coffee table. I picked up his stuff and washed his dishes and sanitized the controller just in case. I lifted the couch cushions and started to pick stuff up and then swept the living room. Checking off the living room and my bed room off the imaginary list of things for me to clean I started the kitchen. I loaded the dishwasher an wiped down the counter, even though I never really knew my father my mom always said he liked to clean just like me. I looked in the fridge and saw things that were empty and old and disgusting, I emptied the fridge cleaned all of the glass and put everything needed back in there. I moved to the studio and everything was still clean from the accident with Calum. I pondered about cleaning the boys rooms but if they want look like slobs I will let them. I simply checked every room and made my way back to my uncovered bed, it was cold and I was so awake I just got in the shower.  I start to wash my hair when I hear my phone going off, it was Syd she wanted to facetime I answered.


   "Hey sexy, I have a few questions,but first are you in the shower?" I was just going to blow it off and say no but I felt like I'd sound dumb lying about it. 

   "Well um yeah, but its okay you can talk to me. No in the 5sos family is up and I'm down to talk to a pretty girl while I shower." I started flirting with her back because hey, one day she might be the best thing that ever happened to me.

   "Well my question was which outfits I should bring, I get on the plane in about 4 hours and I feel like without help I'll be in my room sorting clothes till the last minute I have. I have your favorite out of mine packed and a few of my favorites, but what if we go out I don't know what to bring?"  She pulled multiple outfits out for me to pick from and all I could think of was how sexy her body would be in them. 

   "I think you should bring them all and just do a fashion show for me when you get here. You should just bring all your clothes, maybe you can move in and move out of your moms house." I think I might be taking it to far but if all else fails she will just move in the apartment building next door.

  "You're to funny, my mom would never let me move out without notice but why bring the clothes when I won't be wearing them if you know what I mean." She winked at me and I winked back sliding the camera down. 

  "If I say so myself my abs look better when they're wet and the camera does no justice so you might just have to see in person." Syd and I were nonstop flirting and she was really starting to turn me on, she was so far away but soon she would be here in my arms and I couldn't wait for that. 

   "I just want you to hold me. I don't want anyone but you to pick me up at the air port and I want to run into your arms and kiss you like we haven't seen each other in 10 years." I saw the hearts form in her eyes and mine did the same. She was in a sweater with one shoulder hanging out and it was so cute. I heard a grumble come from down the hall and that only meant Calum was coming to wake me up. 

   "I'll be there, I have to go before the boys find out I'm facetiming in the shower. I will text you, I love you Sydney baby." She blew me a kiss and hung up so that the boys didn't hear her voice. I turned on some music and carried on with my shower. I am starting to really like Sydney and just last week I would have told you, she is my stalker. Calum starting banging on the door and I just kept on showering, before I could even count to 3 he was in the bathroom. 

  "Hey, your up early today. Who is going to get Syd today? Why are you awake? Did you clean? Why are you in the shower?" like always Calum had to ask a million questions and I had to answer or else he'd just keep asking them.

  "I'm up because I wanted to clean without all the mess and I'm getting Syd also why are you up moving around?" I shouldn't asked him but he is not suppose to be moving all around with his crutches.

  "I had to pee and I thought since I was awake I'd just wake you up, but your already up. I'm going to pee and then go back to bed..don't look." Calum clarifies everything like I really wanted to get out of my warm shower to watch him pee. When he left I got out and texted Syd right away, changed her contact from Sydney Clifford to Sydney baby with two purple hearts.

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