Thinking out loud

Ashton is falling in love. With who bet you couldn't guess? Luke is in love with Melanie. Michael has been dating Ash for 3 years. Cal has chose to stay single with a friend with benefits,Stella


1. Ashton's pov

I guess you could say mornings were a full routine in the house. Calum woke me up with the same thing every morning. Luke jumped on my back at the same time every day and Michael laughed at my morning bed head hair. Except this morning I woke up without Cal. I washed my face and got in the shower without Luke jumping on my back. I even got a half an hour shower without Michael saying something about my hair. I wondered where they were but it was nice knowing that I had time. I got ready in my Led Zeppelin shirt, Luke's jeans and a black bandanna. I walked in to the studio hoping to find my friends, or as they seem right members. No sign of them, no note, no texts,no calls, no mess. Which the whole no mess thing was very new for the studio unless Ash was  over. Michael's girlfriend Ash was super sweet she was great friends with Melanie so I texted her..*Where are you guys?It's weird being here alone in the morning.* Ash always texts back right away but today its been a while. (30 Minutes pass) I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. It was a text from Luke without hesitation I opened it. *Melanie is missing cant find her anywhere! Please Help!!* I've been friends with Melanie since grade school, there is only 3 places she would go that she knew no one but me would find her. I slipped on my all black, old vans and grabbed my leather jacket and keys. My first stop was the tree that we used to tell stories underneath right around the corner. Melanie wasn't there but I found the necklace Luke had just got her on the branch. I grabbed it and put it in my pocket moving as fast as possible to the next place. The Willow park that we used to sing and dance in the baseball fields. I ran into the field and found her diary on first base, when we were younger she used first base as the desk to write her secrets. I got in the car and realized she had done all this on purpose, she made me come this way for a reason. I drove all the way across Sydney to her favorite cafe from our dinner on her 12th birthday. When I walked in I saw her head down in the same booth we sat in. I put the diary and necklace down on the table and looked at her.

  "Excuse me miss, but I believe you are in the wrong seat." I looked down on her hoping to at least get a smile. She grabbed my hand and started to giggle. 

  "Thank god you are here. I ran away because not only were Cal and Luke fighting when I woke up but I heard Cal say that the only reason Luke got my necklace was because he owed me a huge apology. Luke hasn't apologized for anything so  I'm still not sure what he did." She pulled me down and latched on to me balling her eyes out. I was used to it she has always been emotional around me.

   "Do you want me to take you home then tell Luke. Orrrrrr have Luke come here and apologize in front of everyone!" I said making sure I didn't upset Melanie even more.

   "Tell him to meet us at home. Thanks Ass-ton I love you so much" she says laughing. When we were younger my dad would always tell Melanie to watch out because I was an ass. One day she called me Ass-ton and I guess it just stuck. I drove Melanie home and we laughed about old memories and sang our little songs we thought we wrote in like fifth grade.

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