Thinking out loud

Ashton is falling in love. With who bet you couldn't guess? Luke is in love with Melanie. Michael has been dating Ash for 3 years. Cal has chose to stay single with a friend with benefits,Stella


43. Ash's pov

I went to this stupid get together with Syd and she has been with Andrew all night. Andrew has a cute friend but I don't make decisions without talking to Stella. Stella had the best advice in the group, so we all go to her and we all fail to listen to what she has to say. Definitely Melanie, they are like best friends but they always fail to listen to each other's advice. Stella is with Calum and I can't ruin their relationship with my problems so I made the decision on my own to break up with Michael. Stella and I pretty much fake being friends for the sake of the band, but we all know I hate her. I hate everyone, I don't need friends, family anyone I'm on my own and always will be. I found out that just like I thought Michael found another girl. I hate him, I was way to good for him and I wasted so much time on him. I should be with someone big, like Justin Bieber. For a matter of fact I have his number and think I'll text him now. 
Me- hey Justin (:
Justin- umm hi?
Me- it's Ashley Nicole
Justin- oh how have you been, it's been awhile 
Me- I'm okay I guess. At this jank party.. Maybe you could come get me?
Justin- where are you now?
Me- some place out of Sydney I think it's pine vale.
Justin- your lucky I'm in Australia for 2 more days, are you at Andrew's house?
Me- yeah. Just get me out of here
Justin- what about Michael?
Me- don't worry about him, come get me ;)
Justin- I'll be there soon baby
I knew I could pull any guy I wanted, I was hot and there is no one out there better than me. Justin had me waiting for about twenty minutes when he pulled in with his yellow Lamborghini.
"I'm sorry I had to drive this shitty car because scooter only allowed me to bring one car and..." Justin was so annoying, I kissed him hoping he'd shut up. Sometimes being cute is the only thing I'm good at. 
Me- I left with Justin, text me if you need anything 
Syd- are you coming home tonight?
Me- probably not, are you?
Syd- no. Can you tell Michael so everyone knows 
Me- we broke up I'll text Melanie. 
I meant to text Melanie, but I was with justin and I couldn't think about anyone else. I needed something new, a new one night stand kind of thing. Justin was great at doing one night stands, Justin and I hooked up when I still lived in Canada and I was in high school. I moved to Australia the summer before my junior year, the week after Justin and I hooked up. We moved to Australia I continued to model and when I agreed to model naked, well I was always covered by something but it wasn't clothing. My parents kicked me out, if I made adult decisions I could be an adult. I finished school with my friend Bea and then moved in with Michael. Bea was dating Ashton, so I saw her a lot then they broke up and she was gone from my life. I can't even remember the last time I saw my parents, I mean I see them but I do not visit them on purpose under any circumstance. We're at a high class hotel now, here comes the new I've been waiting for.

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