All That I Could Never Say

This is a collection of poetry. It does not really have anything in common other than it was written around the same time.


4. funerals

I fucking hate funerals

I hate crying

And I hate talking to people who I do not care about

And who do not care about me

They did not know the person in that casket

Not like me

They do not deserve to console me

I do not want people who do not care normally

To pretend like they care

Simply because I am sad

I hate wearing all black

Like this is what the person I love

Would've wanted

I hate the music

Forcing my emotions to change

And I hate the words.

Always so religious

She was not religious

Do not put words in her mouth

That she cannot refute.

She is not in a better place

She is not in heaven

It does not exist

And if if does

She is not there

Do not pretend just so you seem kind.

This is not about you.

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