All That I Could Never Say

This is a collection of poetry. It does not really have anything in common other than it was written around the same time.


3. friends

My friends are always upset with me because I never tell them anything

And I always say I'll do better

I always apologize

But quite frankly

I am not sorry

Every time I tell a secret

To someone I should be able to trust

It's like they don't care at all

They do not look at me

They do not comfort me

They do not help me

So why should I waste my time

And pour myself out for someone

Who doesn't even care enough to help clean up the mess?

Friendship cannot be a one way street

You cannot take

And take

And take

And never give back

I am brimming over with stories and secrets

That I will never tell

Yet somehow

I'm running on empty.

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