So Many Feelings

Feelings you Jerk; A series of paragraphs, poems, short stories and more about all feeling know to man. These pieces of writing are aimed towards no one. Nor, is it how I feel. Sometimes they will be about things I feel, or have been through. Others will be about things I feel like that need to be brought attention to, or something I feel like writing about. So, sit back and enjoy


2. Depression

        Fake a smile, laugh, sleep, repeat. There is a hell in the world. I've seen it. Not only seen it, but entered it, walked through it, stomped on it. Yet, I have not gotten out. My eyes, they use to have a sparkle in them, now that sparkle is nowhere to be found. Instead, every time I close my eyes, a dark, heavy substance covers me. What is that substance? It's something I know a little too well, depression.


         Depression is a war is disguise. Either way, you win or die trying. It's like walking town a dark never ending cave, you never know when light will finally appear once again. If it ever reappears. Every day, I find another reason to hate myself. Yesterday was the shape of my face, today is my voice. It has a certain squeaky ness to it, but yet it's too masculine.


         If you could read my mind, you would never forgive yourself for not noticing sooner. You would be on your knees, with never ending tears pouring out your eyes. You would feel the pain I have felt for years. But yet, you still would not understand. You would not understand that monsters don't live under our beds, but in our heads.


        When you’re depressed you feel this suffocated feeling. The depression just sweeps over you, and takes control of you. Your no longer in control of how you feel. You lose who you are. You distant yourself from everyone, because that what you learned you have to do. You lose feeling. After being depressed for a while you just become numb. You feel nothing, but it’s better that way.


        There is only one thing worse than depression its self; society. In today’s society it’s normal for teenagers to become depressed. That should never be normal. Society gives us the image of what we have to look like, and dress like. If we are not like that, then you’re not good enough. It is abolute bullshit. People commit suicide every day, and society just ignores it. What the president had for breakfast is more important than young people ending their lives early.

        If you think society now is okay, then you’re fooling yourself. You’re just helping yourself be able to sleep at night.  If you ever see someone that is possibly depressed, please tell them that your there. One act of kindness, you have no clue how much of a difference it makes. If everyone does just one act of kindness a day, we wouldn’t have a society where depression is okay

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