Tia never knew that one of her last days visiting London would be the day she met someone that would change her point of view on life.


6. Tour preparation

There was now only three days until the tour started and I was very excited not only because I would be able to see them perform but Nina is coming so I don't have to feel awkward towards the other girls!!!!!As I packed the doorbell rang "Who is it?!!",I screamed opening the door.Of course,I thought hugging Nina."I just came to help you pack.",she smiled.I explained to her what she could help with as we got upstairs.

"So Niall invited you to come?",I teased "Yeah but only because his family can't come.I'm coming to support the band.",she sighed.I looked at her and smiled pretending that I believed her."Thanks for the help!",I exclaimed closing my suitcase "No problem.I'll see you on Sunday,I've got to pack also.",Nina replied walking out the door.

I've been wondering a lot about the tour I am nervous too,I thought as Harry walked in."Hey baby,how was your day?",Harry greeted me kissing my cheek "Great!!Oh,and Nina came over and we talked a bit.",I paused "I think her and Niall have a little thing for each other.",I laughed.Harry motioned me to come upstairs with him."Niall told us....he likes Nina like a lot!!",he said sitting on the bed.I bit my lip,"Well I like you a lot ." he grabbed my waist "Do you really?".I nodded slowly and placed my arms around his neck "Your so beautiful",Harry said giving me a kiss.The kiss lasted for at least a minute until it became rougher as our bodies moved in sync.I tugged on his shirt then pulled it off as he pulled mine off along with my bra.I moaned as he let go of my waist "Are you sure?",he asked "Of course",I nodded......

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