Tia never knew that one of her last days visiting London would be the day she met someone that would change her point of view on life.


7. The Tour Begins

Today is the day,I thought as I woke up.

"Get up!!We have to be at Louis' apartment in an hour.",I screamed shaking Harry awake "Oh my god love calm down.",he replied tiredly.I ignored the fact he was awake and screamed again making him jump "Jesus Christ you are way too excited!!",he laughed standing up.I pulled him into the kitchen with a big breakfast waiting for him."Oh thank you!!",he kissed my cheek and began to eat.

Nina's POV

I am way too excited!!I have already gotten dressed,did my hair,and ate my breakfast now I'm waiting for Niall to pick me up.I went to see if the boys posted anything on twitter:

Harry:Breakfast with my love,starting the tour in an hour what a rush.

Louis:Everyone is excited for our tour!!!

Liam:Let's give it up to our fans who went out and bought tickets!!!

I went to answer the door as soon as I heard someone knock."Hello.",Niall smiled "Hey,let me just get my bag.",I said running to get it.Once I got back to the door Niall took from my hand "I can hold it",I offered him trying to reach for it "No,I've got this",he replied opening his trunk and placing it down carefully."I am so excited!!",I confessed shaking my arms "Me too,I bet you'll have a lot of fun.",Niall said starting the engine.

After car ride.....

I walked over to Tia who was smooching Harry "Get a room!",I teased placing my self in the middle of them both "Really!",Tia growled.I just smiled and walked towards Niall "When is Paul coming?",I asked him "In about,",his reply was stopped by the ringing of Liam's phone "Paul is out front waiting for us.",Liam said getting off the phone and picking up his bag.I held on to Niall's hand at first he was shocked but smiled at me and continued walking.

Tia's POV

I got into the car beside Harry,Nina beside Niall,Liam in the front,and Louis and Zayn in the back."Sophia and Eleanor are meeting us in Australia next week.",Paul said to Liam and Louis "Perrie will be touring at the same day as us in New York,you will be able to see her then.",he said talking to Zayn.I honestly felt bad for Zayn he rarely saw Perrie and they are engaged!!"We going to Cheshire first and I can take you to meet my parents.",Harry whispered in my ear "Oh wow that'd be great!",I smiled knowing that I'd get to meet his parents for the first time.

I slept for at least five hours until Harry woke me up."We're here,and I've got to get ready for our performance.",Harry whispered in my ear,I guess the tour begins now!!!!

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