Tia never knew that one of her last days visiting London would be the day she met someone that would change her point of view on life.


3. Tell him or not?

Today was the day I had to tell them and I didn't want to."Hey guys.....Well um I don't live in London and I will be leaving for California in 2 hours with Nina and my other cousin.", as soon as I said this Harry pulled me into the kitchen "Why?", he said it with hurt in his eyes,I explained,"I was caught up in the fact that you liked me....well if you like me?",I said in a questioning way

"I love you,ever since you came!!",I looked at him then at the plane ticket and ripped it up "I love you too",I said hugging him.We walked into the living room with the ripped ticket raised in my hand.

Nina's point of view

I saw that Tia had ripped she explained to us that she was thinking of finding a home in the area and I was shocked,did she love Harry? "Well they must really like each other.",Niall whispered in my ear as they walked out of the flat I nodded and chuckled.I know Tia got this secret out but I think that Jake guy really likes her.Is she going to tell him or not?

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