Tia never knew that one of her last days visiting London would be the day she met someone that would change her point of view on life.


1. Meeting Him

My name is Tia I'm 19 and I live in California, but since I have relatives in London I got a plane to visit them.It's likely that I won't make any friends here but I'll try.

Few days later

I've been here for 4 days and I'm quite frankly bored out of my mind,other than going to the fair me and my cousin Nina have not done anything!!!

Plus my annoying cousin Zion has come with me to visit Nina he is also 19 but acts like he is 10

"Where are you going?",I asked Zion as he began to walk out the door "No where you will ever go.",he said with a chuckle then continued,"I am going on a date you nitwit!!".Nina began to laugh her ass off as I looked at him with disgust while he walked out the door.

"Hilarious, I love when you guys argue it gets me in a good mood",Nina said still laughing,I rolled my eyes,"Not funny!!!" "Whatever", she replied as she walked off into her room.

After a while of watching tv I decided to text my friend Jake,at least he won't be as annoying!!

Tia~Hey haven't since in a while what going on?

Jake~Oh nothing just waiting for you to come back

Tia~Oh well I'm waiting to come back!!

Jake~What's wrong ti ti?

Tia~Oh nothing just that my cousin are making this a good stay for me!

Jake~I would love to talk more but my mom is home so I'll have to go ✌️

Great!! I thought as I walked upstairs to Nina's room.I groaned as I walked in the room "What's up?", Nina said worriedly "I been feeling very down since I came because no one has acted liked they cared I also feel like we haven't done anything special!!",I blurted out in anger. "I did not know you felt like that.Maybe tomorrow we can do something super cool.....Oh I know we can go to the movies at 1:00 tomorrow then to the pool.",she said sad then happily "Sounds like a plan!!"

The next morning

The next morning I woke a little bit happier knowing that Nina understood how I felt and is trying to help me."Hurry up slow poke", Nina screamed from downstairs "Hold your fucking horses for a sec",I screamed as I put on my new jeans with a Harry Styles shirt on.After getting dressed I packed my bag for the pool and headed downstairs."You ready?", Nina asked grabbing her keys "Yeah".

After the movie we went to the pool and I saw someone who looked very familiar without looking creepy I walked over to him and pretended to swim "Hey are you a fan?",he said cheekily "Um....Yeah a huge one." ,I said as soon as I realized that it was the one and only Harry Styles!!I saw Nina walk over and nearly faint "Hey OMG is Niall here too?",she said babbling "Unfortunately no but if I get to know your friend over here maybe you will meet him",Harry said with a smirk.

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