Tia never knew that one of her last days visiting London would be the day she met someone that would change her point of view on life.


5. Going too far?

(This is still Nina's point of view)

Niall and I have been hanging for a while now and he is sweet and charming,speaking of relationships Tia and Harry have been really close she even moved in with him,but are they going too fast in their romance?

Niall~Hey love where is Harry?

Nina~I think him and Tia are out.Why?

Niall~We are discussing the tour in an hour!!

Nina~Oh wow!!How great another tour!!

Niall~Not so much my family can't come an Simon is allowing us to take someone 😢

Nina~I'm sure you'll find someone😌

Niall~You are right

To be honest I am a little sad that they are leaving because I really like Niall...

Tia's point of view

Harry asked me if I could go on tour with him and I am very excited,our relationship is really going well but I am starting to think maybe we are going too fast."Hey baby Niall just texted me I have a meeting about the tour and just so you know we leave in 10 days.",he smiled and I smiled that back "Great I will get ready",I said heading into our home "See you soon!!",Harry said while driving away.

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