Tia never knew that one of her last days visiting London would be the day she met someone that would change her point of view on life.


2. Does he know?

I remember yesterday it was really fun only because after meeting Harry I got to talk to him a bit and he doesn't so much of the player fans think he is.Today Harry and I are supposed to meet up he also promised that Nina would get to

meet Niall which means I am currently in a home with Zion flirting with his girlfriend at the moment and Nina freaking out about where we will be going in an hour.

"Hey Nina you should start getting ready."I said seriously "I already got ready!",she said pointing to her outfit "Well we are both ready and it's 45 minute drive so let's go!!!",I said excitedly.

While we were in the car Steal My Girl came on we started to sing rather loudly that's when Nina realized that she had the album playing so the whole ride we sang.As soon as we were down the road I texted Harry saying we were close.

When we got into the driveway we were greeted by Harry "Hello ladies",I blushed then grabbed his hand I looked back at Nina and she gave me a thumbs up.Before reaching the flat I realized how huge it was "Surprised?",he asked with a grin "Not at all."

He led me into the living room which as you probably guessed was huge!!! "These are my friends,you guys probably know their names though",he said pointing to the four boys sitting on a couch playing FIFA "Definitely we know their names,like oh my god!!",Nina screamed in sass.

I swear if Nina embarrasses me I will kill her!!!Harry introduced us to the guys and pulled me down to sit by him."Hey Nina there is a sit by Niall go ahead don't get all awkward",Harry said and pointed to an empty space by Niall,I can tell she was nervous so was I!!!

"So Harry you got a girlfriend?",Louis teased pinching his cheeks "Well we are just friends for now.",Harry replied smirking on the for now.Nina looked at me and I pointed at her and Niall,they were getting along well I even heard a few laughs coming from their side of the room.

After watching the boys play FIFA we ate Nandos while eating Harry asked "I was wondering if you would want to spend the night?",he asked confidently but I realized that tomorrow I will be leaving but instead of telling him I don't live here I told him"Of course I would love to",as I said this Nina looked at me wide-eyed.Niall looked at Nina and said "Would you like to stay too?" I saw her think about it "Ok", she said squeezing his arm.

When we got back to the house Nina came into the room where me and Harry were talking "I need to talk to Tia alone for a sec.",she said quickly"What is wrong", I said as Harry walked out "Does he know?" "I'll tell him in the morning it is not like he loves me he is a ladies man Nina!!".She rolled her eyes and walked out.

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