Cars and melody

13 year old clover wakes up to a surprise which puts her in the hands of a cute young boy


3. Love at first Sight

A/N I hope you're enjoying the story. This chapter is going to be a bit strange but that's me.


Leondré POV

I have been blessed. I know most people would hate the driver who hit me but I am happy. If they didn't hit me then I would've never met this girl. Beautiful golden brown hair and bright sky blue eyes. She is perfect. "Hey, how are you feeling?" She has just woken up after her operations on her eyes. She is staring at me speechless, eyes sparkling. "I can tell the operation worked."


"I... I... No I'm not feeling good... Wait what? No I'm feeling great." She manages to say. It's just us two. The doctors are finding out when she can leave and her dad is still looking for the driver. 

A/N Sorry about the bit coming up. I just thought i would add some unexpected drama... ok so its gonna be expected now but i needed to tell you. Oh and sorry this chapter is really bad.

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