Cars and melody

13 year old clover wakes up to a surprise which puts her in the hands of a cute young boy


4. caught red handed

Leondré POV

Soon there was just silence. We were staring into each other's eyes. I just can't get over how beautiful her eyes are. She came closer to me, still staring into my eyes. I knew what she was doing so I joined her. We were moving closer together until out lips touched. Soon our tongues were searching each other's mouths.

"Ok break it up you two." I heard a voice.

"Charlie? How long have you been standing there?" I asked him.

"Oh a good couple of minutes. I came in to see you two kissing. Leondré you have only just met her." Charlie said. I could see jealousy in his eyes. He hasn't had a girlfriend yet he's older than me.

"Charlie have you ever heard of love at first sight?" And with that he left and a doctor came in.

A/N ok so that was better. If you're enjoying the story so far please comment. Thank you!

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