Cars and melody

13 year old clover wakes up to a surprise which puts her in the hands of a cute young boy


2. beep beep beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

Read an unexpected drama first!! Then this one then love at first sight then caught red handed

A/N Sorry for the short chapter but that's what the book is gonna be. Please comment suggestions for future updates.

Clover POV

I wake up to the smell of rubber and a small hand clenching mine. "Where am I?"

"Clover you are in the hospital. You collapsed on the road and your headlight smashed and you have glass in your eyes which we will try to remove as soon as possible." A young doctor explained everything that he could.

"who is next to me? Where is my dad!?" Me and my dad are super close but i am intrigued to find out tho this is.

"Oh right hey i'm just a boy you saved. And your dad is hunting down the guy who hit me. If you want i can lend you my phone to call him... wait you will have to tell me his number because yeah you cant see. 

All of a sudden my eyes started swelling up and giving me a really bad pain where the glass was and I was rushed into theatre.

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