Cars and melody

13 year old clover wakes up to a surprise which puts her in the hands of a cute young boy


1. An Unexpected Drama

A/U Hey sorry there is no picture this is my first story and my iPad won't let me add a pic.



Clover POV

"Oh my gosh, what was that?" I was awoken to a faint crash and whimpers. A moment later is some singing. Kind of... Sad! I peered out of my window to see two silhouettes on the road. It was still dark. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I noticed that there were two boys. One was laying in the road and he other was leaning over him singing. I rushed to get my emergency first aid kit (I absolutely love first aid) and my head light and I rushed to the door and out onto the streets.


I couldn't believe my eyes. I saw a familiar face staring me in the face, pleading me for help. All of a sudden my heart was pounding as I started running over. But I couldn't get there. I ended it falling over my feet. I couldn't feel a thing and all I could see was black splotches. Time was swirling around in my head and all i could hear was faint sirens and my dad.

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