Saint >> Irwin

"Mr Irwin, it was a mistake." She said. "Well mistakes have to be punished." He replied, determination burning deep in his eyes.


3. 0.2

 The bell rang, just as I expected and soon students were rushing down the hallway trying to get into their classes before time ran out. I raised my head up as the door swung open. In filed a couple of giggly girls and some guys behind them. Eventually the class almost full with teenagers and their raging hormones. 


I opened my book and leaned back in my chair awaiting for the teacher to walk in. 

 "Hey Al, you came in here early." Sammie said while playing with her long black hair.  I nodded and turned to face her,


 "Yah, after all you guys did ditch me." I tried to make it sound as jokey as possible. I saw her roll her eyes and she paused, maybe she was thinking of an excuse.


 "We were gonna wait but then Claire had an accident."  Sammie smoothed the front of her shirt and leaned on her desk. I nodded and pretended to actually fall for what she said.


 The second bell rang and everyone was getting into their seats now yet our teacher was no where to be found. Where was Mr Irwin I wondered. He never missed class until today. I gently tapped the shoulder of the guy in front of me,


 "Hey James, is or teacher here today?" I asked, James leaned back and shook his head,

 "No apparently he will be taking this entire week off. And don't ask me why because I really don't know." With that he got off his chair and walked to meet his girlfriend who sat two seats away. I sighed, so now I have a free period.  I opened my book and started to doodle.




After school I walked to my locker to grab the bag of clothes I had left there along with some other books.  Again I met Sammie, she wasn't the nicest person in the world but she got whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted and if you were her friend she would get you anything you desired. But that wasn't the reason I was her friend. 


It all started back when I had just started school here, I was walking down the hallway and I couldn't find my locker so I spotted her alone and asked her if she could help me. And she did, turns out our lockers ended up being right next to each other. That was only the beginning, after a coupe of "lifesavers" during exams and tests we soon became friends.  But it seemed more like a friends with benefits sort of thing. 

Sammie leaned against her locker while chewing gum, she blew a bubble and the it popped. I looked at her and then contiued to pack my bag.

 "So, what are you doing after school?" I asked her. 

  "Going out with David." Sammie looked down at her nails while still chewing. "You?"

  "I have to stop by the grocery to pick up some stuff for my mom." I said as I swung my back over my shoulder.

  "Cool can I come?" She asked. I wasn't too sure as to why but I didn't question it at all I simply nodded and she smiled. 


We both walked out of the school and down the sidewalk towards the grocery store, which wasn't too far at all. Being 16 I was finally allowed to walk to certain places nearby. While walking, Sammie and I hardly spoke. She was too busy texting David to pay any attention to me but eventually you get use to it. Within ten minutes we arrived at the grocery. I picked a trolley and we both threw our bags in them as we entered the place. 


The doors parted and we were hit with the sudden gush of cold breeze.  Inside was rather empty and the sound of 80s music was heard softly from the speakers above.  I pushed the trolley into the first aisle followed closely behind by Sammie. She was about my height with dark green eyes and a sorta pale face. Her long black hair covered her shoulders and was hardly ever tied in a ponytail. She was curvy and had it all. She was perfection. Me on the other hand was the excat opposite.


I had dark eyes, black hair and brown skin. I saw no beauty. 


We stopped by the frozen foods section and I picked up the things I needed to get for my mom. I don't know why she made me do this by myself but I couldn't question her I just had to go along with it. Like what I do with everything in my life ..




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